Sunday, 13 December 2009


I have seen bulls crap better stuff that what 2012 had to dish out. Think The Day After Tomorrow, Poseidon, Titanic, Independence Day and a Mayan prophecy, and my god, you've got 2012!

Look closely. You'll be able to see a Mayan standing on the Californian crust screaming "We warned youuuuu!"

Another movie with the theme of global destruction, 2012 was nothing more than a two hour movie filled with earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, volcano eruptions, etc etc. Blah blah blah. Same old thing seen in The Day After Tomorrow.

But wait.......! This was definitely different from the rest! Oh yes it was! Why? Because of the title '2012' and the ubiquitous prophecy made by the Mayans.


It is obvious they had not planned to make this film based on the prophecy because about , oh, three percent of screen time was given to its characters giving credit to the Mayan geniuses for their ability to tell the date of the apocalypse of the future world they didn't know, never mind the date of the extinction of their own civilisation.

Oh what has film-making come to? I can't wait to see if this movie will garner any Oscars. I hope not. Effects were so-so. Anyone can do what they did. It's called CGI. Can't make a Disaster Movie without it.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


Wow. This is such a cute ad. xD

xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD


Here's one movie I can never get tired of:

I remember watching this movie for the first time in cinemas. I slept through it. I don't know why. I thought it was because the movie was boring, but when I watched it the second time I loved it. So I concluded that I was tired that fateful day where I slept through this awesome movie. :)

This movie is soooo awesome! You know, I usually don't have much expectations for such genres i.e. animation. I find that animated films lack depth. :|

But Disney's animated films all rock!!! I mean there's something in it that always grabs you, you know?

Take this movie for example: Meet The Robinsons.

When I found out that Lewis was in fact Wilbur's dad I was like "Ooh, interesting." I never expected a twist in the movie.

Another awesome movie!!!!!!!

Jeng jeng jengggggggg......THE INCREDIBLES!

Omg I soooo loved this movie. I so so so so so cannot get enough of this movie!!

I can't explain why I love these movies, actually. It's hard to. :( Lemme try.

The Incredibles was soo very the incredible cos cos cos........

The suspense was like sooo suspense-ic. I mean, I felt it was like a live action film. Really. They did not make it out to be like a superhero-saves-the-day-and-he-always-is-so-awesome kinda thing. No, here superheroes were were persecuted against and yeah they had to go into hiding. Like I said, it's not your typical superhero-saves-the-day-and-he-always-is-so-awesome kinda thing.

You know what, I'm just gonna give up explaining right here. :|

Another awesome movie!!!!!

This one was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Here's the trailer!!

Red: Who are you ?
The Wolf: (wearing a plastic grandma mask) I'm your grandma.
Red: Your face looks really weird, granny.
The Wolf: I've been sick, I... uh...
Red: Your mouth doesn't move when you talk.
The Wolf: Plastic surgery. Grandma's had a little work done.

Arghh!! Go watch go watch!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Well, this is embarrassing.

I was just telling a friend about my new anti-chicken thing. I told her my reason (how badly they're treated) and she was like "What??? Where? Surely not in Malaysia!"

And I was like, why the hell not?

Well, apparently what differentiates the chickens bred in Malaysia (and other Islamic countries) and the chickens bred in other countries is this itsy bitsy thing:


I still haven't decided. :P

Chicken~ you poor, defenseless being you. T___T

Monday, 30 November 2009


I hate KFC.

Ignore whatever I've said about chickens deserving to die.

Ok look. We eating them is part of the food web. I agree. That's why I had no qualms about eating chicken before. (Beef and pork are different; they're another story)

But when one takes a look at how the chickens are being treated in them factories, it's just saddening. How can I ever look at another piece of KFC chicken without thinking about the hardship the poor bird was put through? I can't.

And so, I give up chicken.

It's not worth it to eat the meat and know that an animal had to die be brutally murdered at the hands of a fellow human being just so u can fill your tummy in a daily meal. It really isn't.

I haven't thought about my stand on fish rights. Seafood is still yummy. :P

Monday, 26 October 2009


That's it.

In one word, all the ideas I have to blog about.


I mean, I've run out of life. I've nothing to blog about.

Damn it.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Omg. I never knew I'd like, find an actress hot. I mean, really. Angelina Jolie? Please. Megan Fox? Pass. :|

But Marion Cotillard... Oh mon dieu, c'est amusante! :D :D

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Kanye West is an asshole.

Why would anyone do such a thing to a person? They wouldn't. Except Kanye of course.

And then he has the audacity to go on in Jay Leno an apologize. Wtf

There's no apologizing after what you did Kanye. You gotta go. Mofo.

See, this is why I don't like rappers. They aren't decent. Or at least, the current mainstream ones aren't. I can't generalize about those whom I've never heard, or seen.

But I can stereotype the ones I've seen. Cos they are teh suckkk.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


I guess in my household, it is weird to find someone studying so hard. Or it is weird to find someone who can never wake up at the crack of dawn, studying at 5am with no trace of sleep in his eyes.

This would imply that the guy has not slept. Although they guy has tried to explain that he did in fact sleep for awhile and got someone to give him a wake up call, from where more questions are fired at him. That may have been a lie, but it was plausible nonetheless.

"Why did you need someone to wake you up?"

"Why don't you look like you've slept"

What the fuck. I mean, okay sure maybe I stretched the truth a lil, by like a mile, about my night time adventure, but still, why should I be given the third degree when all I tried to do was to study?

I can't say that I didn't sleep, because that would be no good. I'd be lectured even more for that.

"You think this is fun and games, but wait till it affects you in the future..."

"I don't want this to become a habit..."

For fuck's sake. It's ONE night. Seriously. This is my first time being nocturnal. How can it turn into a habit, if it's only occurred once? Exactly. A fret for no purpose.

Jeezus Christ, I try to study to up my grades and I'm reprimanded. I don't study and I'm reprimanded. You know, there isn't a method set in stone to do something you know. One does not have to sleep at 9pm just to wake up at 3am. Once can do whatever one likes to get up at 3am.

For god's sake, I should be studying. Not ranting. Goodbye.


I hate to say this, but thank you coffee.

I have to admit that coffee has kept me up till now. NO sign of drowsiness, or sleep. This is good.

I am filled with the longing to finish off studying for Japanese.

The exam is at 9am and I'm so not ready. Why didn't I take Thai Language, why?!

Oh well, at least this will be another exam over. And this one I just have to pass! It will be fine :D:D

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself :):


After years and years of being under the reign of Digi - prepaid and postpaid - I am now free.

I am back with the first operator I registered under when I first got a phone: Celcom. I'm back babeh!

The change was not a welcomed one though. People actually did not approve of it. I mean, fuck you lah, my number right? Lu sakit mana?


Most of the replies I got went:

"So are you still using your Digi number?"

...and what's that matter you lah? You so worried about wasting space in your SIM/ phone memory so much so that you can't have one more number there?

Well, actually the answer to that question is quite vague. I'm not sure if i'll still be able to use my Digi anymore. Because right, when I changed SIM cards, nothing changed i.e. all my info/applications/etc were all intact and stored in the new SIM. So, maybe I'm a noob, but I think that my Celcom and Digi lines Wtf

Anyway, other people complained that since I've changed operators, they won't be able to sms/ call me anymore/ as often because of the rates. Oh well, tough shit la. ;P Who asked you to be so obsessed with me. ;P

Some people tried to prank me thinking that I wouldn't have their number since I'd changed SIMs. Wtf, I dunno how that works, but you know who you are, and yeah it was a nice start to a new number anyway. Haha.

After getting all those replies, I sorta felt a longing for my Digi number once more. :(

And then I checked my latest charges for the new SIM. RM13. I have used RM13 in one day. Well, so much for cheaper rates with Celcom.

Life's a bitch. Or rather, Celcom is. But I love Celcom.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Evil afraid to admit it.

But i had to succumb to evil, just for tonight, so I may be able to stay awake long enough to study Japanese.

Yes, yes, I had no other choice.

I'm now infected!

Argh, Coffee! The bitter taste is lingering in my mouth. *spits*

This had better work.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I went to Carrefour to buy bloody cheap eggs for my bitches' breakfast every morning. The eggs are Grade C and they're only RM5.99 in Carrefour. ZOMG. Grab, grab, grab!

So yeah, I went there, got one tray and went to the counter to pay. The cashier put the tray into a plastic bag and I paid.

I realised that I'd better wrap it up in two plastic bags. God knows, with the state of my driving, they could smash on the floor before I even leave the premises of Carrefour.

So then I asked "Kak, boleh letak dalam satu lagi plastik tak?"

You know what the bitch answered me? "Mana boleh?!"

"MANA fucking BOLEH?"

I mean, what the fuck? When did Carrefour become so stingy? They're saving on plastic bags now? They used to give out plastic bags like flyers. And now, "Mana boleh?" What the hell~?

Stingy Carrefour. Hmph.

Please note that Giant would never deny me the plastic bags I rightly want. I love Giant.
Tesco's another story. Damn em, but their vegetables are soo very the cheap. xD

Friday, 18 September 2009


I'm alive O__O

I did not drop dead at the sight of UECM 1203 Probability and Statistics I. This is odd.

The paper was fairly...*shudders* doable. I mean, the tutorial questions were harder :|

Oh my god.

This means I didn't do it right. :|

Now I know, for sure, I'm gonna fail. Why, god damn it, WHY?!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I so want to die.

I want death by any other reason but Probability and Statistics. Please, someone, something. :(


I'm deaaaaaaaad. I'm sooooo deaaaaaad.

Take that Mr Chua ;P


I hate sarcasm. Really, sarcasm should just go fuck itself.

No wait. I retract that statement. I hate the people who use sarcasm to poke fun at innocent people, like me.

The news said that tomorrow is a holiday for all educational institutions under the Education Ministry of Malaysia. I guess I forgot that higher educational institutions don't fall under that category. They come under the Higher Education Ministry of Malaysia. Fuck face.

So I call up my Faculty General Office to ask. The lady who answered (let's call her Bitch) weirded out by my question. For heaven's sake it was fucking question only.

So her reply was "Tomorrow is a working day. Why don't have exam?"

So I explained to here, nicely and patiently, like how you would explain shit to someone who hasn't even heard the news today morning.

"That one is for Primary school and Secondary school" she laughed. "You are in University."

"...and talking to a bitch," I continued.

"What did you say?!" she asked.

"Nothing! Thank you very much!" I replied in a cheerful tone.

I notice the officers in my faculty aren't very nice. I shall put in a complaint to the management or whoever. If they're as asinine as the officers are, then I shall be humiliated and asked to apologize, I figure. Oh well. So much for "The customer is always right."

Fuck it.


I want to talk about Movies. Yes, that's right, Movies with a capital M.

You see, I like movies. I like just sitting and enjoying know. The movie feeling thingy. No! I like many stuff about it. It's just hard to think of 'em to put into one sentence.

Lemme break it down for you:

(a) The actors
Yes, sirree. What is a movie without the main/minor casts? Nothing. But of course when you have such sucky actors in a movie, you just gotta hope that the plot or something about the movie is nice or else it will suck, indefinitely. I'm very serious here. Here is an example of a sucky movie:

Excuse me while I barf. *barfs* Meanwhile, my ass couldn't keep still. Waddaya say to that Scott Derrickson?

Another boring movie, but this has nothing to do with the actors, as it is an animated movie.

Somebody squeeze my windpipe, I'm having an epiphany. I should never have agreed to go for that movie.

But that's not my point (a line which - apparently - I seem to be saying alot these days). My point is supposed to be (somewhat) related to the relevance of actors in movies that makes me want to watch them.

Fyi. My IQ is not high enough to keep track of what I'm supposed to talk about so bear with me while I rant, ladies and gentlemen. I'm on a roll here.

Okay so back to actors. Let me highlight a performance so totally awesome, that even I got scared in the cinema.

Jeng jeng jeng! Check out the eyes! Sociopathic? Yeah babeh!

I soooo wanna act a maniac like him one day! Someone give me the chance; I can do it! :D

Really, I can. I'm awesome, hence I can do anything :|

More notable performances? Sure!

Take note of the two women in beside Bruce. Forget Bruce. Well he's good too, but still. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn! Omg people watch this movie! Death Becomes Her! Their performances were most definitely Oscar worthy.

God in hell knows why they didn't get nominated. Hmph. Obviously, no one has my taste. Well it's their loss anyway. *rolls eyes in an apathetic way*

I'm quite surprised, nay, impressed by Meryl Streep. She is sooo versatile! From an unstable mother, to a flamboyant, irresponsible sister, to a spoiled, arrogant, magazine editor bitch, to a nun. Like zomg. :| I wanna be like her as well. ^^

I have Probability and Statistics exam on Friday. It's Thursday. I haven't opened the book. Gtg.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


How do you tell someone to "fuck the fuck off" when you live in their house, and under their money, security, and not to mention, rules? You don't.

I need a break. A good, long one.

I thought that the end of the semester at college would be a good thing. In fact, I was happy that it was ending. Now that it has ended, I'm not sure I want it that way.

Going to college everyday granted me a few things, freedom from the binds of the household being one of them. I would usually leave early in the morning and be back late in the afternoon on certain days. On these days, I wouldn't be disturbed because, hey, it's late.

Sometimes though, I'd be home by twelve, and that's what I was usually glad about. But when I reach home early, responsibilities await and I'm forced to attend to them. No, these are not the regular responsibilities a nineteen year old has. I'm talking about responsibilities forced upon by the higher echelons of the household.

I'm only freakin nineteen for god's sake. I don't need these things. Seventy percent of the people I know don't do the things I do. But can I voice these opinions out? No.

The reply I get when I try to give a hint of my thoughts? "You should consider yourself lucky that you get to do these things early in life. People start doing these only when they're adults, and it's difficult for them"

Well hello! That's the point! When you're an adult, then you do the duties you have to do. It doesn't take you that long to learn how to pay the bills, do the banking work, etc etc. But when you have to do them all when you're young (i.e. since seventeen years old) and get all the shit when you do it wrong, it starts to become a serious pain the ass. I mean, who's gonna breathe down your neck when you do it wrong once you're an adult? No one. Exactly. Life's easier.

Get the fuck out. That's what I wanna do. Or move into a dorm or something. Life may be boring there, but anything beats this.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Hello September

It is September and Merdeka has just passed.

With that in mind, I would like to show you the winning entry of Nuffnang and Digi's MMS Speak Up Malaysia:

I was done by Airlacks. Aint he a genius? The picture is so friggin awesome. You rock Airlacks! ;)

Anyone know how to contact the PM in regards to his 1Malaysia attempt? He'd be proud of Airlacks. xD

Why ar, he chose Yellow, Brown, and Black specifically? Racist bastard. xD

Monday, 31 August 2009


Happy Independence Day, my country.

You may have nothing much to show for 52 years, but you know, there are worse countries.

Keep up the good work. ;)

PS: Is this ISA worthy? :P

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Puasa, Day One.

Yes I know; officially, I'm a week late. But who cares?

I was good though. I felt really light the whole day.

But then dinner came...bwahahaha!


It just sucks when you go to your cousins' house bearing chocolates and the first thing you see one of them doing is jamming on his new guitar. You should by then that it is going to be one of those visits.

He just couldn't stop rubbing it into my face, how well he could play. =.= I mean, yeah okay he is kinda, sorta, good. But he didn't have to show off did he?

Well maybe showing off was okay. But saying shit like "Omg you're so slow" when I demonstrated my somewhat mediocre skills, (at his request no less) is just plain mean! Argh!

What more, his nine year old brother has a bigger mouth, and an untuned guitar. Heaven help us. *rolls eyes*

Yes indeed, a typical visit to the house of the relatives.

They're family, I'm not allowed to hate em. Go figure.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


I was standing on the first floor outside my lecture hall, munching on a donut, when i realised that my campus looks awesome.

And look what made its way into campus the other day.

Mr Bean's Mini Cooper with a can of Coconut Juice on top. I know, Coconut Juice. What will they think of next?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


When I received the call, I was at my desk, lazing. I picked up the phone and surprisingly, the person knew my name.

"Hi Sudarshan Nair, I'm Genevieve, calling from Palace of the Golden Horses. I would like to inform you that you've been chosen to have dinner with Bunkface and Boys Like Girls on September (something)." She had an accent. Believable.

My first thought was "Wtf why is Boys Like Girls still in Malaysia?" but no, I ignored my instincts.

"What? Sorry can you repeat that?" I found it hard to believe that I was chosen for something. It rarely happens. She repeated what she said.

And then I laughed. I mean, what could I do?

"Is this a prank?" And I laughed even more.

She sounded taken aback. Very believable, I tell you. "Er no Sudarshan, this is not a prank. You really were chosen to have dinner with Bunkface and Boys Like Girls."

At that moment I felt pathetic; what if it really was true? I was embarrassing myself in front of gwai los. So I went along with it.

"Er, how did I get chosen?"

"Well, it was random actually. We just chose your number. Now, do you accept this invitation? Sudarshan, this is not a prank"

She was talking quite alot. It was quite believable. I guess I was also weirded out that this happened.

But I laughed even more.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Well because these kind of things don't usually happen to me. So I'm just surprised."

Playing for more time, I tried to think of all the people I thought who might have been able to do this. I couldn't have been anyone I knew because her voice wasn't one I recognized. So, I gave in.

"So do you accept this invitation? Once again Sudhan, this is not a prank"

I answered yes.

"Okay so you have accepted our invitation to join Bunkface and Boys Like Girls at Palace of the Golden Horses, on September (something, or was it November?) I want to remind you again, Sudarshan, that this is not a prank."

"Okay okay. Yes, I guess I accept then."

"GOTCHA! Sudarshan, this is a prank and you have NOT been invited to have dinner with Boys Like Girls and Bunkface..." Heavy and contant giggling in the background. Omg.

"Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg" was going on in my head. This was sooo embarrasing, I was soo worried for a moment, thinking that it might be or something. Freaking embarrassing.

But then she said "I am L***** friend of R*****"

Then I did a double take. "What? Who are you?" And she told me again, though she excluded that she was a friend of R*****. Dunno why, but I didn't realise that.

"How did you get my number?" I laughed.

"I saw you the other *****."

What?! How did she see me? Then I was reminded of the friend she mentioned.

"Do you know R*****?"

"What? No, I don't know anyone named R*****."

"Is that a fake accent?" I asked, slightly pissed off. I didn't know what else to say.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Okay, so the poll is closed.

Only 15 people voted, in three weeks. That's just pathetic, because the number of weekly visits this blog gets is averagely 50. However, when life gives you lemons, sometimes you just gotta make lemonade. Sometimes.

So anyway, let's take a look at the poll, and what I have to say about it, plus my decisions about it.

"Yes, keep up the good work Sudhan. You are godsend."
10 people.
Wtf you people, don't you guys want me to do better? I've never been insulted more in my life.

"No, it's even better."
4 people.
Aw, thanks you guys. You guys are the best ;)

"It could use more work."
1 person.
I know who you are, and you've not heard the last of me. You just can't appreciate good work.

Now, after the poll I have made my decision on what to do about this blog. Since majority voted that my blog rocks, *stink eye to the one who voted "It could use more work"* I've decided that I won't change a thing. I'll keep doing what I'm doing, since I'm godsend.

Hey, majority wins, right? ;)

Sunday, 16 August 2009


Can anybody guess why this screen grab from Facebook is funneh? xD

Stalk much?

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Meet Fran. :)


Oh my god, this line is bloody long.

We're at KLIA, to see Koen off as he goes back to the Netherlands. This could (not) turn emotional.

Or should I say geriatric. The freakin check-in line!! Why couldn't they open more counters?!

We're standing in line while summing up the past two weeks. He (says) he had fun and indeed did (not) like the food at Malaysia. We're glad he did (not) have fun. We did (not) have fun as well. It's almost (not) a shame to see him go. I've gotten used to life with him.

Yes, I do mean that! Look, when Koen is around there's always breakfast and dinner. Sometimes lavish. Usually we don't have nice hearty breakfasts and dinner at home because...well I don't know. My parents decide not to.

However, with Koen around, we needed to adapt to the gwailo lifestyle for a little while. This is good news for me as I always have a nice big breakfast set on the table and a good big dinner.

Let me see. I took him to dinners at TGI Fridays, Thai, Japanese, and North Indian restaurants, lunch at Chillis, McDonalds, Starbucks and not to forget he took us to Shook! for dinner on his last night. Yes sirree, life has been goooood.

One thing for sure, he said, he aint gonna have chicken for awhile. Well I don't eat beef or pork, so naturally he got accustomed to my life for the past two weeks. :P

This friggin line! Ugh die you incompetent MAS bastards, die!

Oh look we're up. :)


We're at the gates. We will not be able to accompany him from here on in. He goes in, and down the escalator.

Fly Koen, fly~!


The hell outta here.


Goodbye Koen! Having you in Malaysia was fun, if not inconvenient! I learnt alot stuff, and yeah I can't wait to (not) come to the Netherlands.


Yucks, I friggin hate TGI Fridays. Anyone who wants to take me out, please please please please do NOT take me to TGI Fridays.

Take me to Chilli's instead! :D

Pay It Forward

"Think of an idea to change the world, and then put it into action"

A helping hand is crap, or so I thought. I mean wouldn't you be indebted to the helper if he/she helped you in any way? Exactly. Which is why I generally did not think that helping others was necessary. But that's not to say I never accepted it.

But more to the point is the use of the past tense of the word did. I did not like help.

But my god! This movie changes everything! Watch it. Watch watch watch :D

Note: It's not pay it back. It's pay it forward. A little hint for ya ;)

Saturday, 8 August 2009


I am usually overcome with the Monday blues on Mondays. Not today however. My day starts pretty well.

I enter class early to prepare for my Japanese assignment the next day. Damn. I'm so gonna die. I can barely speak Japanese. Damn.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll somehow obtain the ability to speak fluently by tomorrow evening. Hey! It could happen. Lot's of stuff happen overnight. Ask Hilary Clinton.

So then class starts when Mr Koay enters. Somehow, Mr Koay is very patient. He will walk from one wall to the other asking "Any problems?"

Really, I counted. The record for my semester is 10-20 times. He kept asking when everyone had just entered class and wasn't ready.

Then someone says "Question 6"

Mr Koay: OK. So write 15! in the full form lah. So 15 x 14 x 13 and so on lah. Then 15 is 3 x 5 lah. And 14 is 7 x 2 lah. And 13 is 13 lah. Then 12 is 2 x 2 x 3 so 2^2 x 3 lah. Then 11 is 11 lah. Then 10 is 2 x 5 lah. 9 is 3^2 lah. 8 is 2^3. 7 is 7 lah. 6 is 2 x 3 and 5 is 5 lah. Then 4 is 2^2 lah. Then 3 x 2 x 1 lah. Then you get 2^11 x 3^6 x 5^3 x 7^2 x 11 x 13 lah.

I laugh all through his explanantion. I mean, it's effective because he's writing on the board and explaining it well, yet it's so damn funneh the way he says it. Mr Koay is like one the lecturers who can't put me to sleep. :)

Speaking of laugh, have you met Xiu Quan?

This guy never fails to crack me up. Really. I've come to a point where I laugh when I look at his face. He thinks I'm weird (To be specific he thinks I'm a so hai) but still, he said he understands. When I told him he's a funny guy, he said that many people have told him that.

When we get to the computer lab, we take two computers. He teaches me how to set the language input to Japanese, so that I can type in Japanese for the report. So, I follow his instructions and manage to do it. But when I turn to him, he's staring at the monitor.

"I cannot change to Japanese leh.." he says.

"Try to click this one...then this then this..." I suggest to him, showing him which icon to click.

Finally he gets the right one. "Ah got it Hiragana now," he says.

"Okay, but the thing you're supposed to type is in English, you know," I say.

The look on his face is priceless.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


This is a concert ticket. I am attending this concert. As soon as Saffuan gets here.

Let me introduce you to one more person in my life.

I've known Saffuan since Form 4. He was new and we were both late on the first day of school and were sitting at the back of the hall with the rest of the tardies (that year itself I became a prefect; go figure).


I'm sitting in the hall and waiting for the teachers to finish her bloody speech. God this is taking so long. Suddenly the guy in front of me turns:

Saffuan: Hi, I'm Saffuan.
Sudhan: Er, hi.
Saffuan: What's your name?
Sudhan: Sudhan.

After that he talked about some shit which did not register in my head. Seriously, he was blabbering about his past. Does the look of interest lie on my face? I think not. Then why is he talking?

Sudhan: That's interesting...

After the assembly, the Form 4 students are asked to congregate at the front of the hall to sit for our streaming test.

Saffuan: *still talking*
Sudhan: Er, we have to go do the test now.
Saffuan: What test?
Sudhan: Er...the test that will determine which classes we get into.
Saffuan: Oh so where do we sit.
Sudhan: Well we sit in our classes, the ones we were in back in Form 3.
Saffuan: But I don't have a class.

Oh god, this guy is incessant.

Sudhan: Well look for other students who are lost...I gtg! Bye!

And I run off. Boy, it was good to get rid of him. I sit with my classmates and finish up the test.
Later after I've been assigned to my class, I go to the designated room. As I enter I notice an empty seat, and I take it.

"Hi again"

I turn to the seat beside me. It's Saffuan.


And that's how I came to know Saffuan. Since then we were in the same class and yeah all the way to Form 5.

And he's late. Some things never change.

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I think my Japanese Language lecturer hates me.

Seriously. He hates my guts.

It's not normal for a teacher to hate my guts, because I'm too fabulous a student for that to happen.

However, lately I've been too lazy for anything, that is to say, lazy to study as well. So I'm not progressing in Japanese. And me thinks he doesn't like that, since I'm forgetting what he's just taught like a few minutes ago.

Well obviously, if they expect us to cram into our heads Hiragana and Katakana on top of all the Probability & Statistics, Calculus, and not to forget Programming that we have to do. Some people however seem to be doing well. But screw them; life doesn't revolve around them. Life revolves around me. :)

You should see the look my Japanese lecturer gives me. It's a look of loathing. I tell you, we have a pure Snape and Harry relationship going.

And the cherry on top of the cake is the fact that my group has three people, when "It's supposed to be four in a group" and he "wants to disqualify" us from presenting. Uh, lemme get it straight. He want's to stop us from handing in the assignment for which we are paying to do in the first place?

But in the end, the other lecturer told him that it's okay for us to present in threes. He wasn't happy though. Which was why he avoided my eye the whole lesson, except when he asked me questions.

"Repeat what he said," sensei told me, after a guy had just finished telling his birthday and his age, all in Japanese.

"Er...can you repeat that?" I ask the guy.

Sensei's eyes widen in horror as I speak English. Apparently he'd been saying that phrase in Japanese the whole time and I missed it.

"Er...moichiro onegai shimasu?" I repeat.

He relaxes. That's a good sign.

He's coming to my table. That's a bad sign.

"Did you do the homework?"

"Er... I wrote my own birthday, so I dunno what he said," I reply.

He purses his lips and goes away. God, I wish I didn't screw up all the time.

Later it's my turn to read my birthday out to everyone. And I do it well, I must add.

Sensei listens with his eyes closed. Oh no, he hates me that much?! Damn.

When I'm done, he opens his eyes and says "Okay." Then he turns to the rest of the class and points at me. "Good pronunciation," he says with...with... wait. Does he look impressed?!

Well! I always knew I had it in me. Which is why I always liked him very much... Did I tell you how much he likes me...?

Monday, 27 July 2009


When I went to Gentings on Sunday I realised that I have a fear of heights and of speed. It never struck me before that the squeamish feeling I get in my stomach and the fits my legs get into when I'm in a fast moving object in mid air is actually a phobia.

I had a lot of time to think about this while waiting to get onto the Pirate Ship, a ride that swings from side to side. Now, from below it didn't look scary. I was actually laughing at a woman who was screaming herself shitless while being rocked to and fro at about 70mph.

But only when I got on it, and it started rocking, did I start feeling squeamish. My stomach felt like it was convoluting and my right leg would stop twitching. However I did not feel scared.

Maybe the reason it didn't affect me so much was because I got on with the mindset that it wasn't scary, but my body thought otherwise. I don't know how this fits into perspective in reality. I don't have an explanation.

This is what happens when you get an adrenaline rush from even thinking of a snake. Hyperphobia.


It's already July. Half the year has passed and I just took a look at the resolutions I made this year.

In 2009, I resolve to:

1. Take an interest in the outside world.

That was a very swanky way of saying "To read the newspapers more often." No, hasn't been achieved. Unless you count reading the comics and a pathetic attempt at the Sudoku puzzles once in a while as "reading the newspaper." But never mind, still 5 months to go. Anything can happen.

2. Forgive, forgive, forgive

I think I was feeling too forgiving on this particular day. It so happens I'm in a situation where I can't forgive. Not right now. Sorry.

3. Find myself, my inner self.

What was I in, a cult? I'm scratching this off.

4. Heal more

Apparently, I can make people feel better. :)

5. Swear and curse less, because less is more. :)

Hah. I never could walk the talk. Unachievable.

6. Be for the glory, not the degradation.

I think I got this off a book. I don't think I know what it means anymore.

Okay I know what it means, it's just that I've so involved in degradation and glory, they sort of balance out, you know what I mean? Still working on it.

7. Make a difference to the people around me.

Make a difference? Gosh, I must have recovered from a bad case of insecurity or something. Everyone loves me. I'm totally fabulous. I don't need to make a difference. Scratch.

8. Lose excess baggage.

It so happens that I've gained. 5 little ones. Damn. (see? unachievable) But I'm still going to be headstrong about this i.e. jogging in the morning!

9. Be more spontaneous.

Now this is something I'm sure I have achieved! :D Yay me.

10. Go bungee jumping.

Holy hell! Double scratch. Isn't it obvious I had not been to Gentings then?

So all-in-all, it's been a not so productive year, resolution-achieving wise. But who the hell cares? I'll take life as it goes by and see what happens. :)

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Holy hell. When you've seen the Space Shot ride, I guess you've seen it all.


What the F man?! Who the hell goes on such a ride?!

Koen Eyck, thats who. Twice, no less.


It all started this morning, when I woke up at 11.30am. This is late for me. Very late. 4 hours late. Anyway, I only had time to change, stuff breakfast down, send something over to a friend's house, and then leave for Gentings (which apparently, is alot of time).

Which is bloody why we reached the place at friggin 2.30pm. Had we not taken the cable car, we'd have been there by like, I dunno, 1? Go figure.

The cable car station place thingy was like full of people. Why these people choose to use the cable car when they have huge bulging bags and babies to carry is beyond me. I mean, i counted about a zillion buses everywhere, from Gombak itself.

So yeah we had to endure (and I put alot of emphasis on this word) in the line. Picture crying babies and parents with prams, and the like. After waiting for approximately 15 minutes in the line we reach a sign that read:

"Waiting time from this point onwards: 30 minutes"

Wow, really? That's it? Pfft.

I made myself feel better by looking back at the beginning of the line while thinking to myself "At least we're not there", but this particular mindset was stomped on by a huge voice at the back of my head shouting "But we're not there (the end of the line) either."

If you ever do figure out my mind, let me know. ;)


Basically it was a typical day in Gentings. Didn't feel all that special, considering the fact that I had not been there in like 9 years. Yeah, that long.

Nothing special there folks (I'm totally ignoring the Space Shot ride btw). The Corkscrew and Flying-something rides were closed, and they charged us RM44 to utilise the rendered-useless Gentings themeparks without those 2 particular rides.

But I did eat cotton candy and turn round and round in a giant teacup till I was dizzy. :)


By the end of the trip, I realised something. Or make that 2 things. I have a fear of heights and of speed (and of water, snakes, death, and being thrown overboard from a sinking ship, but those are irrelevant aren't they?).




Here's how my day went.

I slept at 3am, studying (or at least trying to) for the Discrete Mathematics test at 9am. I vaguely remember my conversation with someone at that time.

Sudhan: Hey! It's like 3am weh. My test is at 9am weh. And I can't study weh. 6 hours to go. Die.

Someone: Good luck :)

Sudhan: Bitch.

I woke up at 7 friggin 30 in the morning, afraid that I was going to be late for the test. See, Mr. Koay specifically said to be early.

Test started at 8.50am and finished at 9.50am. All I can say is that it was do-able. Do-able.

Then I has errands to run. Typical Saturday morning, it was. Oh and did I mention that a friend from the Netherlands is visiting so I had to make space in my compact day for him?

Errands, that is to say, buying a new bulb to replace the broken one (yes literally broken; the thing burst for some weird reason; oh wait, yes there is a reason; life hates my guts), collecting some spare keys from the shop, rearranging my schedule for guitar classes, and finally dropping by the good ol' school to get my SPM cert.

Back home, I had half an hour before I had to go for my guitar class. Enough said.

After class I had to take my good old Dutch friend for lunch, where apparently, we did not get to go Dutch. Aside from that bad pun, he soo did not enjoy chicken rice. How does not not enjoy chicken rice, for god's sake? He's repels Malaysian food like flies to vinegar, like leopards to grass, like kids to MJ.

After that I had to rush to PJ, where I met Jessica after a very long hiatus. Well it wasn't much of a hiatus as it was an only-online-conversations. So yeah. It was great. Boo to those who couldn't be there. She belanja-ed me waffles. Hah.


Now I come home and I am tired. Tired. I need my bed.

As I throw myself onto the soft, cushion-y mattress of mine (from Ikea, go figure) I am disturbed:

"Get ready! We're taking Mr Dutch for dinner and movie!"

I need sleep! Does anyone get that?!


I sit through another two and a half hours of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Even so, I still can't get enough of that movie. It's simply wunderbar. Sucks to be those who don't like it. Oh wait, actually I did find myself escaping to the toilet to play Sudoku on my phone. I had overestimated my anticipation to see the movie twice.


It is 1.20am in the morning, the next day, now. We will be headed to Genting Highlands Theme Park in the morning. We (most definitely) will be home late. I (most definitely) will be tired. I have a Calculus test on Tuesday, Accounting test on Thursday, and a Programming test on Friday. God HELP me.

Dump the exams. Bring on the assignments. I'm tired.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Ten more minutes. Just ten more minutes, and my life will be changed forever.

Okay so maybe watching Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince on the premiere night won't make sure a difference to the dull and hectic life of mine, but the thrill of being one the first to do so rocks.

Just ten more minutes. I chew on more popcorn to pass the friggin time, which somehow decided to make like a snail, if you know what I mean.

"Oh my god, did you hear that?!"

Did I mention I'm with my mom?

"That song had the 'F' word in it!" she exclaims.

I realise that she's talking about the song that's being played before the movie starts. An Avenged Sevenfold song, if I'm not mistaken. Seriously wrong song to be played in a theatre filled with parents and their kids. Seriously.

Sighing, I reply. "If one word in a song like that get's you into a fit, then you have a lot more to be worried about."

I chew more popcorn. I have a feeling I will need it to get me through the night.

" this the movie where that Harry Potter guy goes nude?"

Oh for goodness sake.

"What?! No! That's Equus! That's totally different! That was on stage! That wasn't even Harry Potter!" I say.

Now it's she who sighs. "Oh. But I came for the movie thinking that he was going to be naked."

Popcorn. I need popcorn.


Two and a half hours later (of which one hour I found my mother sleeping), we emerge from the theatre and make our way back to the car. I can't help but express my genuine love for the movie. Top notch. Awesome-ness.

When we get into the car, my mother asks:

"So, this Voldemort fellow. He is evil is it?"

Popcorn. I need popcorn.


Don't you hate your lecturers sometimes? I know I do.

I am sitting in the lecture hall, or rather, the examination hall for now. It's Probability and Statistics I Test 1, and I'm finishing up my answers to the questions. It's surprisingly un-hard.

"Eh-hem... Students please take note about the following errors.." says the booming voice over the microphone. Mr Chua.

Right. Question 4. He's explaining the meaning of the instruction.

"There are 500 males in the blah blah. Of them are blah blah..."

These people are having a problem of understanding what "Of them" means. No comment.

After that I check to see if I have understood it properly as well. :P Hey, one can never be sure, right?

Suddenly I hear a giggle from behind me. I turn around to find one of the lecturers looking at my paper with a smile. I look once more at my paper. Did I do something wrong?

"Why? Wrong ah?" I asked.

Distractedly, she replies "Huh? No no, it's right." She then smiles and walks away...

...and leaves me there, dumbf**ked.

Now I'm not sure if the questions are as easy as they seem.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Nostalgia II

Can you believe this? I found this is an old post:

So just recently I had a talking-to with myself. This is what I have decided:
"I promise to never never never never ever take anything lightly and always always always take my studies seriously"

So there it is. I have repented. Never again will I be apathetic towards my studies. I will always study hard and achieve good results. Ah, I feel better.

Bullshit. Repented my ass. Here I am, at 1.35 in the morning, when I have a test on Monday. Sigh, I'll never learn my lesson. :D

I love myself, I'm awesome, I'm fabulous...


I was digging up old posts when I came across this one:

Once upon a time, in a land 5 kilometers from my my home, there lived a BM teacher.


She was an evil lady who always made her students suffer by throwing homework at them and teaching Sastera improperly (she finished the novel in a week and never went back to it later on). Ignoring the fact that I'm being hyperbolic about her evil character, she also never pitied her students and always made sure they received bad marks in their BM exam. With that she actually had the audacity to tell parents that *student's name* was a little mischievous and she thought he/she could do better if he/she paid attention. I hate it when teachers do that: they scold you as if the world ends if your homework is not done and say "I'm gonna tell your mom/dad" and when the day comes for them to meet the parents they chicken out and say "Well ... your son/daughter is good, but he/she needs to brush up and pay attention" in the most polite tone anyone can have. Hypocrites. No ... no ... Motoloks.

Ok so now that we have established the fact that The Evil BM Teacher is a Motolok, let's call her that from now on.

So Motolok is the editor of the school magazine and she 'works hard' to keep it coming out well. She keeps all the info about the magazine in her FlashDisk; pictures, files, reports, etc. After our society took our group photographs, she gave me a sample photo to show my society members so that they will be able decide if they wanted to buy a copy. I gave it to the secretary of our club so that she could pass it around (alot of 'so that's' huh?). After she had done that she told me she put it on Motolok's table in the staff room. But when I went to her to confirm that she got it, she said that she did not. :| How uckfay-ed up huh? She started telling me stuff like she doesn't know where it was and if I didn't give it to her stuff would happen, I think. So she was really pissed at me. She also told me that my members would not get the pictures and that she did not care. Big deal! Like I gave a shit. Pfft. 8-| Anyway I hated her so much since that event. And what happened next made me happier.

One fine morning during the morning assembly, Motolok takes the mic and informs us that her handbag was stolen. Her FlashDisk was in her handbag so that meant good news for the magazine committee (Ahli Sidang Redaksi). So guess what happened then? She - get ready for this - cried. She started crying, I tell you! She was going on and on about how she was going to jinx the person who took it and other crap like that. The Senior Assistant (Penolong Kanan) tried to take the mic away from her and calmed her down, but she gripped the mic hard, kicked the Penolong Kanan in the shins, and said "Stay away from me Bitch!" And that was that.


Motolok got a new handbag, started strutting around as usual, pretending that we were not making fun of her behind her back (we called her Crybaby), and did not come to class for about a month. Can you believe how irresponsible she was?? Leaving us all alone one month before we were supposed to sit for a bliddy major examination; not to mention we cannot pass SPM without a pass in BM. Our grades for that subject was the suck as it was and there she was going all emo on us.

Then during our trial examination, she came in to invigilate and she did not let go of her handbag. How funny is that? She walked around the class with her handbag hung from one shoulder. I could not stop laughing (on the inside of course).

Anyway the Friday before we sat for our first paper (BM) our school gathered all the Form Five students and got them to have a "thank you" session with their teachers. This was an opportunity for us to thank our teachers for all that they have taught us and cry our eyes out like as if we will actually miss them after that. *rolls eyes till they pop out* So I was shaking hands with my teachers and saying thank you with a huge (fake) smile when I came to Motolok. GUESS WHAT SHE TOLD ME. She told me "Sudhan, good luck for your exams. I hope you do well. I'm sorry for the fight we had earlier this year".

I was gobsmacked! I did not know what to do! I told her "No, Motolok, it was my fault mainly for being irresponsible" and told her "thank you very much". Since then I have felt bad about whatever I talked and thought about her. I'm sorry Motolok. :) I wrote this because I wanted to share this story with the World Wide Web, but you don't care do you? That's because you don't understand what I'm talking about, but thats OK.

Once again I want to stress on the point that I have been hyperbolic in explaining Motolok's character. Don't be stupid and think that she is that evil. She is actually pretty nice. I remember when I was in Form Three, I went to the canteen to get a drink when my teacher was not in class. She caught me on the way and asked me "Where are you going?" and i replied "The canteen, maam". She asked me why and I said that I wanted to buy some water. Then she asked me "You are thirsty, is it?" (Dahaga ke?) and I said "Yes you cock, why else would I want to buy a drink?" Kidding. I said "Yes" of course. The she allowed me to go. My point here is: when she asked me if I was thirsty she gave that motherly look and I thought she was a nice person. I guess I judged her too quickly. However I don't hate her anymore. :)


"I love myself. I'm awesome. I'm fabulous."

You say it long enough, and you'll start to believe it. I hope.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


I sit at my table, glaring at my laptop. I've just come back from a long day of classes. Eventful, this day wasn't.

Somehow, this is the first birthday where I don't feel all special and fuzzy on the inside. I guess this is growing up.

Cake, then dinner at KLCC.

Hopefully it will be better than the dull day I had today.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


"Accept it!"

No I will not.

"Say it!"

No. Piss off will you?

"You'll have to say the F-word one day"

No. I will never have to.

"Say it!"

"Fine!" I say, albeit unwillingly. "I am a Food-oholic."

I let out a huge breath and clutch my chest. Phew, that was almost unbearable. I was just arguing with my friend; apparently, I have a problem with eating. Huh. As if.

I mean, okay, let's see what I ate yesterday. I went out with my cousins to Sunway Pyramid. There we started with the movie, that is to say, popcorn. Who can argue with popcorn?! Popcorn is a must have. So yeah that doesn't count.

Then we had lunch at KFC. I ordered a Zinger Burger and a Toasted Twister. Well quite understandable. I mean, have you seen the size of the burgers nowadays? I didn't know they make 'em compact now. And then the Toasted Twister. Come on, one can't really be full after eating that, am I right? Exactly.

So then I met Kesha. Old time friends, we are. So of course we had to sit down for tea. After a drink from Asian Avenue, we went to J-Co Donuts. I had three donuts, three most awesomely delicious donuts anyone can imagine. The first one was Glazzy. It the softest, yet very crispy, donut anyone can ever imagine. Oh, so delicious! And have you ever heard of a savoury donut, as opposed to the sweet ones which are always sold? Well I had not, so I just had to have the Mona Pisa! And the other one was the Tira-Miss-U. The name said it all. I had to have it.

Let's see. After that we proceeded to the the exit. Oh wait we stopped to buy some sandwiches for the road. Oh come on, we need to have dinner right? Right...?

Okay, maybe I do have a teensy-weensy problem with food: I can't have enough. But it's nothing I can't get over. Really. I mean, everyone likes to eat right? Eating is natural. Exactly.

I don't think it's anything to worry about anyway. Okay, to prove how right I am, I will go for the one class I have today, and not eat anything. Yes, that will show them how right I am.

I walk past the cafeteria towards the corridor. I take out my water bottle from my bag and proceed to the water cooler to fill it up. As it is filling up, I notice that the notice board beside the Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice stall has been updated. I walk to the board, completely ignoring the two stalls, I might add.

Interesting, interesting. Lot's of new activities going on. How very interesting...

Then suddenly, I turn around and go to the Nasi Lemak stall. I pay and take my plate and sit at a nearby table.

Wait. What just happened?

Monday, 15 June 2009


If you're a Hindu, you'll find something to laugh at in this quiz. Lol.

How much do you know about Hindu Gods
This is a quiz about the pantheion of Hindu GODS and GODESSES
  1. 1.How many Vedas are there in Hinduism?
  2. 2.What are Vedas otherwise called as?
  3. 3.Who are the Trinity Gods of Hinduism
    ← You have to laugh at this. Ha-ha
  4. 4.Who is the God of protection?
    ← This too! Wtf!
  5. 5.Who are the wives of Karthikeya/Muruga/Subhramanya?
  6. 6.Whose son is Sastha? ←Who the fuck is this?
  7. 7.Who are the 3 acharyas?← The hell if I know
  8. 8.What was the philosophy of Shankara?
  9. 9.What is the abode of Shiva?
  10. 10.What was the 4th avtar of Visnu?