Sunday, 27 September 2009


Kanye West is an asshole.

Why would anyone do such a thing to a person? They wouldn't. Except Kanye of course.

And then he has the audacity to go on in Jay Leno an apologize. Wtf

There's no apologizing after what you did Kanye. You gotta go. Mofo.

See, this is why I don't like rappers. They aren't decent. Or at least, the current mainstream ones aren't. I can't generalize about those whom I've never heard, or seen.

But I can stereotype the ones I've seen. Cos they are teh suckkk.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


I guess in my household, it is weird to find someone studying so hard. Or it is weird to find someone who can never wake up at the crack of dawn, studying at 5am with no trace of sleep in his eyes.

This would imply that the guy has not slept. Although they guy has tried to explain that he did in fact sleep for awhile and got someone to give him a wake up call, from where more questions are fired at him. That may have been a lie, but it was plausible nonetheless.

"Why did you need someone to wake you up?"

"Why don't you look like you've slept"

What the fuck. I mean, okay sure maybe I stretched the truth a lil, by like a mile, about my night time adventure, but still, why should I be given the third degree when all I tried to do was to study?

I can't say that I didn't sleep, because that would be no good. I'd be lectured even more for that.

"You think this is fun and games, but wait till it affects you in the future..."

"I don't want this to become a habit..."

For fuck's sake. It's ONE night. Seriously. This is my first time being nocturnal. How can it turn into a habit, if it's only occurred once? Exactly. A fret for no purpose.

Jeezus Christ, I try to study to up my grades and I'm reprimanded. I don't study and I'm reprimanded. You know, there isn't a method set in stone to do something you know. One does not have to sleep at 9pm just to wake up at 3am. Once can do whatever one likes to get up at 3am.

For god's sake, I should be studying. Not ranting. Goodbye.


I hate to say this, but thank you coffee.

I have to admit that coffee has kept me up till now. NO sign of drowsiness, or sleep. This is good.

I am filled with the longing to finish off studying for Japanese.

The exam is at 9am and I'm so not ready. Why didn't I take Thai Language, why?!

Oh well, at least this will be another exam over. And this one I just have to pass! It will be fine :D:D

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself :):


After years and years of being under the reign of Digi - prepaid and postpaid - I am now free.

I am back with the first operator I registered under when I first got a phone: Celcom. I'm back babeh!

The change was not a welcomed one though. People actually did not approve of it. I mean, fuck you lah, my number right? Lu sakit mana?


Most of the replies I got went:

"So are you still using your Digi number?"

...and what's that matter you lah? You so worried about wasting space in your SIM/ phone memory so much so that you can't have one more number there?

Well, actually the answer to that question is quite vague. I'm not sure if i'll still be able to use my Digi anymore. Because right, when I changed SIM cards, nothing changed i.e. all my info/applications/etc were all intact and stored in the new SIM. So, maybe I'm a noob, but I think that my Celcom and Digi lines Wtf

Anyway, other people complained that since I've changed operators, they won't be able to sms/ call me anymore/ as often because of the rates. Oh well, tough shit la. ;P Who asked you to be so obsessed with me. ;P

Some people tried to prank me thinking that I wouldn't have their number since I'd changed SIMs. Wtf, I dunno how that works, but you know who you are, and yeah it was a nice start to a new number anyway. Haha.

After getting all those replies, I sorta felt a longing for my Digi number once more. :(

And then I checked my latest charges for the new SIM. RM13. I have used RM13 in one day. Well, so much for cheaper rates with Celcom.

Life's a bitch. Or rather, Celcom is. But I love Celcom.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Evil afraid to admit it.

But i had to succumb to evil, just for tonight, so I may be able to stay awake long enough to study Japanese.

Yes, yes, I had no other choice.

I'm now infected!

Argh, Coffee! The bitter taste is lingering in my mouth. *spits*

This had better work.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I went to Carrefour to buy bloody cheap eggs for my bitches' breakfast every morning. The eggs are Grade C and they're only RM5.99 in Carrefour. ZOMG. Grab, grab, grab!

So yeah, I went there, got one tray and went to the counter to pay. The cashier put the tray into a plastic bag and I paid.

I realised that I'd better wrap it up in two plastic bags. God knows, with the state of my driving, they could smash on the floor before I even leave the premises of Carrefour.

So then I asked "Kak, boleh letak dalam satu lagi plastik tak?"

You know what the bitch answered me? "Mana boleh?!"

"MANA fucking BOLEH?"

I mean, what the fuck? When did Carrefour become so stingy? They're saving on plastic bags now? They used to give out plastic bags like flyers. And now, "Mana boleh?" What the hell~?

Stingy Carrefour. Hmph.

Please note that Giant would never deny me the plastic bags I rightly want. I love Giant.
Tesco's another story. Damn em, but their vegetables are soo very the cheap. xD

Friday, 18 September 2009


I'm alive O__O

I did not drop dead at the sight of UECM 1203 Probability and Statistics I. This is odd.

The paper was fairly...*shudders* doable. I mean, the tutorial questions were harder :|

Oh my god.

This means I didn't do it right. :|

Now I know, for sure, I'm gonna fail. Why, god damn it, WHY?!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I so want to die.

I want death by any other reason but Probability and Statistics. Please, someone, something. :(


I'm deaaaaaaaad. I'm sooooo deaaaaaad.

Take that Mr Chua ;P


I hate sarcasm. Really, sarcasm should just go fuck itself.

No wait. I retract that statement. I hate the people who use sarcasm to poke fun at innocent people, like me.

The news said that tomorrow is a holiday for all educational institutions under the Education Ministry of Malaysia. I guess I forgot that higher educational institutions don't fall under that category. They come under the Higher Education Ministry of Malaysia. Fuck face.

So I call up my Faculty General Office to ask. The lady who answered (let's call her Bitch) weirded out by my question. For heaven's sake it was fucking question only.

So her reply was "Tomorrow is a working day. Why don't have exam?"

So I explained to here, nicely and patiently, like how you would explain shit to someone who hasn't even heard the news today morning.

"That one is for Primary school and Secondary school" she laughed. "You are in University."

"...and talking to a bitch," I continued.

"What did you say?!" she asked.

"Nothing! Thank you very much!" I replied in a cheerful tone.

I notice the officers in my faculty aren't very nice. I shall put in a complaint to the management or whoever. If they're as asinine as the officers are, then I shall be humiliated and asked to apologize, I figure. Oh well. So much for "The customer is always right."

Fuck it.


I want to talk about Movies. Yes, that's right, Movies with a capital M.

You see, I like movies. I like just sitting and enjoying know. The movie feeling thingy. No! I like many stuff about it. It's just hard to think of 'em to put into one sentence.

Lemme break it down for you:

(a) The actors
Yes, sirree. What is a movie without the main/minor casts? Nothing. But of course when you have such sucky actors in a movie, you just gotta hope that the plot or something about the movie is nice or else it will suck, indefinitely. I'm very serious here. Here is an example of a sucky movie:

Excuse me while I barf. *barfs* Meanwhile, my ass couldn't keep still. Waddaya say to that Scott Derrickson?

Another boring movie, but this has nothing to do with the actors, as it is an animated movie.

Somebody squeeze my windpipe, I'm having an epiphany. I should never have agreed to go for that movie.

But that's not my point (a line which - apparently - I seem to be saying alot these days). My point is supposed to be (somewhat) related to the relevance of actors in movies that makes me want to watch them.

Fyi. My IQ is not high enough to keep track of what I'm supposed to talk about so bear with me while I rant, ladies and gentlemen. I'm on a roll here.

Okay so back to actors. Let me highlight a performance so totally awesome, that even I got scared in the cinema.

Jeng jeng jeng! Check out the eyes! Sociopathic? Yeah babeh!

I soooo wanna act a maniac like him one day! Someone give me the chance; I can do it! :D

Really, I can. I'm awesome, hence I can do anything :|

More notable performances? Sure!

Take note of the two women in beside Bruce. Forget Bruce. Well he's good too, but still. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn! Omg people watch this movie! Death Becomes Her! Their performances were most definitely Oscar worthy.

God in hell knows why they didn't get nominated. Hmph. Obviously, no one has my taste. Well it's their loss anyway. *rolls eyes in an apathetic way*

I'm quite surprised, nay, impressed by Meryl Streep. She is sooo versatile! From an unstable mother, to a flamboyant, irresponsible sister, to a spoiled, arrogant, magazine editor bitch, to a nun. Like zomg. :| I wanna be like her as well. ^^

I have Probability and Statistics exam on Friday. It's Thursday. I haven't opened the book. Gtg.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


How do you tell someone to "fuck the fuck off" when you live in their house, and under their money, security, and not to mention, rules? You don't.

I need a break. A good, long one.

I thought that the end of the semester at college would be a good thing. In fact, I was happy that it was ending. Now that it has ended, I'm not sure I want it that way.

Going to college everyday granted me a few things, freedom from the binds of the household being one of them. I would usually leave early in the morning and be back late in the afternoon on certain days. On these days, I wouldn't be disturbed because, hey, it's late.

Sometimes though, I'd be home by twelve, and that's what I was usually glad about. But when I reach home early, responsibilities await and I'm forced to attend to them. No, these are not the regular responsibilities a nineteen year old has. I'm talking about responsibilities forced upon by the higher echelons of the household.

I'm only freakin nineteen for god's sake. I don't need these things. Seventy percent of the people I know don't do the things I do. But can I voice these opinions out? No.

The reply I get when I try to give a hint of my thoughts? "You should consider yourself lucky that you get to do these things early in life. People start doing these only when they're adults, and it's difficult for them"

Well hello! That's the point! When you're an adult, then you do the duties you have to do. It doesn't take you that long to learn how to pay the bills, do the banking work, etc etc. But when you have to do them all when you're young (i.e. since seventeen years old) and get all the shit when you do it wrong, it starts to become a serious pain the ass. I mean, who's gonna breathe down your neck when you do it wrong once you're an adult? No one. Exactly. Life's easier.

Get the fuck out. That's what I wanna do. Or move into a dorm or something. Life may be boring there, but anything beats this.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Hello September

It is September and Merdeka has just passed.

With that in mind, I would like to show you the winning entry of Nuffnang and Digi's MMS Speak Up Malaysia:

I was done by Airlacks. Aint he a genius? The picture is so friggin awesome. You rock Airlacks! ;)

Anyone know how to contact the PM in regards to his 1Malaysia attempt? He'd be proud of Airlacks. xD

Why ar, he chose Yellow, Brown, and Black specifically? Racist bastard. xD