Thursday, 24 September 2009


After years and years of being under the reign of Digi - prepaid and postpaid - I am now free.

I am back with the first operator I registered under when I first got a phone: Celcom. I'm back babeh!

The change was not a welcomed one though. People actually did not approve of it. I mean, fuck you lah, my number right? Lu sakit mana?


Most of the replies I got went:

"So are you still using your Digi number?"

...and what's that matter you lah? You so worried about wasting space in your SIM/ phone memory so much so that you can't have one more number there?

Well, actually the answer to that question is quite vague. I'm not sure if i'll still be able to use my Digi anymore. Because right, when I changed SIM cards, nothing changed i.e. all my info/applications/etc were all intact and stored in the new SIM. So, maybe I'm a noob, but I think that my Celcom and Digi lines Wtf

Anyway, other people complained that since I've changed operators, they won't be able to sms/ call me anymore/ as often because of the rates. Oh well, tough shit la. ;P Who asked you to be so obsessed with me. ;P

Some people tried to prank me thinking that I wouldn't have their number since I'd changed SIMs. Wtf, I dunno how that works, but you know who you are, and yeah it was a nice start to a new number anyway. Haha.

After getting all those replies, I sorta felt a longing for my Digi number once more. :(

And then I checked my latest charges for the new SIM. RM13. I have used RM13 in one day. Well, so much for cheaper rates with Celcom.

Life's a bitch. Or rather, Celcom is. But I love Celcom.

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Adele Zaaba said...

Wow, bitch. Yous a bitch!