Thursday, 24 September 2009


I guess in my household, it is weird to find someone studying so hard. Or it is weird to find someone who can never wake up at the crack of dawn, studying at 5am with no trace of sleep in his eyes.

This would imply that the guy has not slept. Although they guy has tried to explain that he did in fact sleep for awhile and got someone to give him a wake up call, from where more questions are fired at him. That may have been a lie, but it was plausible nonetheless.

"Why did you need someone to wake you up?"

"Why don't you look like you've slept"

What the fuck. I mean, okay sure maybe I stretched the truth a lil, by like a mile, about my night time adventure, but still, why should I be given the third degree when all I tried to do was to study?

I can't say that I didn't sleep, because that would be no good. I'd be lectured even more for that.

"You think this is fun and games, but wait till it affects you in the future..."

"I don't want this to become a habit..."

For fuck's sake. It's ONE night. Seriously. This is my first time being nocturnal. How can it turn into a habit, if it's only occurred once? Exactly. A fret for no purpose.

Jeezus Christ, I try to study to up my grades and I'm reprimanded. I don't study and I'm reprimanded. You know, there isn't a method set in stone to do something you know. One does not have to sleep at 9pm just to wake up at 3am. Once can do whatever one likes to get up at 3am.

For god's sake, I should be studying. Not ranting. Goodbye.

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