Sunday, 27 September 2009


Kanye West is an asshole.

Why would anyone do such a thing to a person? They wouldn't. Except Kanye of course.

And then he has the audacity to go on in Jay Leno an apologize. Wtf

There's no apologizing after what you did Kanye. You gotta go. Mofo.

See, this is why I don't like rappers. They aren't decent. Or at least, the current mainstream ones aren't. I can't generalize about those whom I've never heard, or seen.

But I can stereotype the ones I've seen. Cos they are teh suckkk.


Jie Juan said...

You can say that the East niggas are more civil than the West niggas. Man, Kanye better clean up his attitude. Nigga ain't nothin' with no Gold Digger! HAHAHAHA!!!

Unknown said...

lol haha. yes kanye is the suck. asshole. :D