Saturday, 5 September 2009


How do you tell someone to "fuck the fuck off" when you live in their house, and under their money, security, and not to mention, rules? You don't.

I need a break. A good, long one.

I thought that the end of the semester at college would be a good thing. In fact, I was happy that it was ending. Now that it has ended, I'm not sure I want it that way.

Going to college everyday granted me a few things, freedom from the binds of the household being one of them. I would usually leave early in the morning and be back late in the afternoon on certain days. On these days, I wouldn't be disturbed because, hey, it's late.

Sometimes though, I'd be home by twelve, and that's what I was usually glad about. But when I reach home early, responsibilities await and I'm forced to attend to them. No, these are not the regular responsibilities a nineteen year old has. I'm talking about responsibilities forced upon by the higher echelons of the household.

I'm only freakin nineteen for god's sake. I don't need these things. Seventy percent of the people I know don't do the things I do. But can I voice these opinions out? No.

The reply I get when I try to give a hint of my thoughts? "You should consider yourself lucky that you get to do these things early in life. People start doing these only when they're adults, and it's difficult for them"

Well hello! That's the point! When you're an adult, then you do the duties you have to do. It doesn't take you that long to learn how to pay the bills, do the banking work, etc etc. But when you have to do them all when you're young (i.e. since seventeen years old) and get all the shit when you do it wrong, it starts to become a serious pain the ass. I mean, who's gonna breathe down your neck when you do it wrong once you're an adult? No one. Exactly. Life's easier.

Get the fuck out. That's what I wanna do. Or move into a dorm or something. Life may be boring there, but anything beats this.

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