Thursday, 17 September 2009


I hate sarcasm. Really, sarcasm should just go fuck itself.

No wait. I retract that statement. I hate the people who use sarcasm to poke fun at innocent people, like me.

The news said that tomorrow is a holiday for all educational institutions under the Education Ministry of Malaysia. I guess I forgot that higher educational institutions don't fall under that category. They come under the Higher Education Ministry of Malaysia. Fuck face.

So I call up my Faculty General Office to ask. The lady who answered (let's call her Bitch) weirded out by my question. For heaven's sake it was fucking question only.

So her reply was "Tomorrow is a working day. Why don't have exam?"

So I explained to here, nicely and patiently, like how you would explain shit to someone who hasn't even heard the news today morning.

"That one is for Primary school and Secondary school" she laughed. "You are in University."

"...and talking to a bitch," I continued.

"What did you say?!" she asked.

"Nothing! Thank you very much!" I replied in a cheerful tone.

I notice the officers in my faculty aren't very nice. I shall put in a complaint to the management or whoever. If they're as asinine as the officers are, then I shall be humiliated and asked to apologize, I figure. Oh well. So much for "The customer is always right."

Fuck it.

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