Saturday, 26 July 2008

Why so serious?


Is there another word to describe this movie besides:


No, there isn't. So there you go, the entire movie review in (relatively) one word. Muahaha.

Ok, actually, the movie wasn't all that good...... Naw, man it was AWESOME! Ehem... I mean, it had it's flaws (yeah well, which movie doesn't?). What was good about this movie was that it did not have just one climax, climaxes were spread out through out the movie, which was not such a good thing per se.

Let's start from the beginning. The started off in a not-so conventional way, quite opposed to the usual Batman beginning, where they show off a few parts of Batman's body, fully dressed of course (in the previous Batman movie, Batman and Robin, they actually had the audacity of showing us some crotch, ass, breast, and what not, fully dressed of course. :) ) Anyway, this movie (The Dark Knight) started off not so conventionally, I won't mention how so as to leave a little suspense for those who have not watched it. F.Y.I if you have not watched it, all of us who have watched look down upon you from a higher level of consciousness.

Anyway, if you ask me the best parts of the movie are all the scenes involving The Joker. Seriously, you don't get bored with him; there is some form of humour, thrill, darkness, evil around him (or her : OOPS theres a little spoiler for ya XD) Yes, folks, The Joker, probably the best character in the film. Sadly, they spent most of the movie focusing on the sissy Batman and how sad he is, that he is losing to the Joker, which is not even highlighted very clearly in the movie. It's like... The Joker goes "Oh Batman, blah blah blah or else blah blah blah (throw in a psychotic laugh or two)" and then Bruce Wayne's all sissified and going "Now i see what I have to become to stop people like him." Of course we DO know what's going on but in a movie, we should be taken step by step through the plot, ya know what I mean?

And it was sooooo irritating to see The Joker winning throughout the movie! Hahaha it was fun but still irritating, no doubt. I mean I was like "When is this guy gonna slip up and get his ass beat?? =.=" Oh don't get me wrong, he DID get his ass whacked loads of times... but it wasn't getting to him. Like wow. I salute him. :X:X:X:X:X:X:X. The character of The Joker was just soo awesome, ladies and gentlemen. He was the ultimate bad guy. He was the UBER-bad guy. (Hah managed to slip that word in somehow).

Hmm what else did I miss? Batman was a sissy...Joker was TEH man... Rachel was a pussy.... Alfred was useless, Harvey Dent.... OH YEAH him! Well his character was a complicated one. Really kesian him one... One last little spoiler? You won't be seeing anymore of Two-Face. Muahahahahahahaha! But The Joker will be back. He is TEH man!

Congrats Heath Ledger, and my condolences. XD

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Our Essay.

Well today we had a small activity to do in class: a narrative, of all things. *rolls eyes*

This is what we came up with.

After my graduation, I took a clerical job with an insurance company. The job was extremely unpleasant and I found myself among some annoying people with whom I had nothing in common. However, things changed when ‘she’ came in.

Initially, I was under a lot of pressure from my supervisor. He expected top notch work and I was but a beginner in this field of work. I made mistakes, a lot of them, and always ended up being shouted at and blamed for the shoddy work. My colleagues stayed away from me because they did not want any ‘screw-ups’, as they put it, in their work. I found myself sitting alone for lunch and being sort of a bell-boy for the office workers.

Then ‘she’ came. I had not met her in many years. We were friends in primary school, but she move to boarding school after Primary 6, and I had not met her since. In school we did not talk much to each other; just a little nod of acquaintance to each other as our eyes met.

She recognized me the moment she laid eyes on me. I, however, was taken aback when she approached me because I have come a long way since Primary 6. I’ve grown taller, thinner, and ganglier. I kept my hair long and dyed it brown. If my own grandmother could not recognize me, I did not see how she could, but she did.

She said “Hi” in a less than formal fashion and introduced herself, thinking I did not remember her. I told her of course I knew her and she was glad. We started talking and she told me about her life after Primary 6. There was something about her that captured me, something that made me want to listen, to listen more as she spoke. Was it her smile, her smile that made me feel like I was floating on the clouds of heaven?

We started talking everyday and became closer as each day passed. Life at the office was not as dull as before, in fact I was better at my job. Everyone stopped avoiding me and became friendlier towards me. Even my temperamental supervisor congratulated me for a job well done after I successfully completed two projects. It was like the “Productive” switch in me was flicked on and my attitude towards work completely changed. I was more willing to learn and always checked my work trice before finalizing them. I always believed that it was with her presence that I was able to do better; without her I was nothing.

Without doubt I started t develop feelings for her. We became very close and I hoped she was feeling the same way for me. I decided to open up and express my feelings to her, to let her know that I have been slowly falling for her. What would she say? I needed to know. I invited her to lunch one day at and exquisite restaurant. She was surprised with my invitation, but accepted nonetheless.

I pictured the scenario of how I was going to break it to her, imagining her saying “Yes, I feel the same way.” That blissful thought was punctured by the phone call I received from her the next morning. She told me that she knew of my feelings towards her, suspected many times as we had those wonderful lunchtime chats. When I invited her to lunch her suspicions were confirmed and she told me she could not let me fall for her. She wanted to end our friendship, which she treasure so deeply, lest it grew into something more. Before I could answer, to defend my standing, she hung up the phone.

Since then, I have not received any news from her, nothing at all. Funnily enough, my job performance was not affected in the least, though I thought it would have dropped if she was not there with me. I did my job just as well, as if she was there beside me, giving me the power, the confidence, the poise one needs in the corporate world. I will not forget how she changed me, helped me to become a better person, from a depressed newbie, to a dynamic and fruitful worker.

I constantly asked myself, what happened? What was all that about? Why did she come into my life, full of laughter and gaiety, and then leave so abruptly? Our time together was so short, perhaps I acted too impulsively. Was it too quick a decision to make about a person who I knew so little about? Questions after questions formed in my mind and no answer could satisfy them. However, I was always sure of one thing: how I felt about her to moment I saw her.

She was a phantom delight,

When she gleamed upon my sight,

A lovely apparition sent,

To be a moment’s ornament.

Too bland? Thank you very much. :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Here's information for ya

Rain is the uber - suck

Yes, the suck. The absolute suck. Rain is a bane on my life. Rain continues to ruin my life. Rain continues to fall at times when I am prepared for a good day. Rain continues to fall at bad times. Rain continues to fall in the morning at 5am when it's not even Sun-out yet. Yes, folks, Rain sucks.

Here's something informative which you will never find out from anyone else. Rain sucks. Yes, I hate rain. I hate rain so much that my hatred towards it is infinite. Infinite. I'm sure you are wondering why I hate rain so much (if you're not, you should), even though scientific evidence has proved that rain is integral in our lives. Photosynthesis you say? Temperature of land? Aquatic life I hear you voice out? Sure, it's important to them! To us? What? I heard some ass say the earth will be too hot without water. Let me direct your attention to something called air conditioning smart guy. Too expensive? Get the mint to produce more money and use that excess notes to pay for the air conditioning of the Earth. You know, when you don't have water anymore, all those extra costs you use for water treatment, can be used for air conditioning of the Earth. That way, it will be cold in Malaysia as well. Wouldn't that be nice?

Just take rain away from my life, please. Thank you.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

'Twas that time of the year. Now it's July: Informative Month

June wasn't that good a month for me. Neither was February, March, and April. May was okay though. Hmm. On New Year's Eve I always wish for a good year, but at least ONE month of the year will suck for me.

Come to think of it, since I was, er.... 13, I've never had an extremely good year. I've always had at least ONE month that sucked. As in, sucked to the very bottom pits of hell. And it gets worse every year. This year really takes the cake though, as it was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

Why am I blogging about how I feel? Ew. I think this month I will post blogs about informative stuff. To widen my knowledge, and all those knowledge-building crap as well as making me sound like a total smart-ass. :)