Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Here's information for ya

Rain is the uber - suck

Yes, the suck. The absolute suck. Rain is a bane on my life. Rain continues to ruin my life. Rain continues to fall at times when I am prepared for a good day. Rain continues to fall at bad times. Rain continues to fall in the morning at 5am when it's not even Sun-out yet. Yes, folks, Rain sucks.

Here's something informative which you will never find out from anyone else. Rain sucks. Yes, I hate rain. I hate rain so much that my hatred towards it is infinite. Infinite. I'm sure you are wondering why I hate rain so much (if you're not, you should), even though scientific evidence has proved that rain is integral in our lives. Photosynthesis you say? Temperature of land? Aquatic life I hear you voice out? Sure, it's important to them! To us? What? I heard some ass say the earth will be too hot without water. Let me direct your attention to something called air conditioning smart guy. Too expensive? Get the mint to produce more money and use that excess notes to pay for the air conditioning of the Earth. You know, when you don't have water anymore, all those extra costs you use for water treatment, can be used for air conditioning of the Earth. That way, it will be cold in Malaysia as well. Wouldn't that be nice?

Just take rain away from my life, please. Thank you.


Soyamin said...

You need to RELAX. Seriously. ^_^

Anonymous said...

i think ur life would suck worse without rain.... wat happen to being eco-frenly n loving nature? so disappointin susu. tsktsk

Nicholas said...

Shift to sahara desert la! or Timbuktu! even there also got rain

Unknown said...

just when i thought people could tell the difference between frustration and sensibility. people disappoint me sometimes.