Thursday, 19 June 2008

I need to CHEER UP

cheer up

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I love nothing

Empty Post.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Desperate for something to do

I need a thing.

Seriously I do.

Everyone seems to have a thing they are good at, do you notice? Jonny is an expert nerd, Yvonne has her anime which she knows like the back of her hand, Jie Juan has his guitars, Nicholas is the master of DotA, and what about me? I have nothing. Nada.

Sure, I may have a few hobbies like playing one or two games here and there, watching one or two anime, practicing a little bit of my guitar, etc but none of these things are define me you know?

Let's take a look at some possible things:


Sounds good? Probably. I like reading comics anyway. I could start a collection. XD


Yes I have a guitar but first I need to find the time to practice. :(



Online games

Nah, not interested.

Young political analyst

Politics is interesting you know, I realised this fact after following the Malaysia General Election that just passed and also through following Hilary and Obama's campaigns for presidency. Haha.

Health freak

Ew, getting up early in the morning to go jogging around my area and practicing a healthy lifestyle? Sounds tedious.

Computer nerd

No no no no no .... I'm not that interested in computers.

Movie buff

I'm already sort of a movie buff aren't I? Sort of, not a real one. I could take this further... *thinks deeply*

A spiritually inclined freak, perhaps?

Meditation was fun, but I'm not ready to make it permanent. Nuh-uh ...

You know what? Screw it all. I'm just going to be my plain ol' self. I love myself the way I am anyway. Right?

Er ... right??

I love my blog :)

Here is one thing I love besides myself: My blog.

onion head

You might ask why but the answer is obvious. Who doesn't love their blog? And most importantly, who doesn't love my blog?? Anybody who says that they don't like my blog is either doing out of spite after seeing this post or hasn't read my blog yet.

onion head

I can't stress this point enough. I LOVE MY BLOG.