Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I love my blog :)

Here is one thing I love besides myself: My blog.

onion head

You might ask why but the answer is obvious. Who doesn't love their blog? And most importantly, who doesn't love my blog?? Anybody who says that they don't like my blog is either doing out of spite after seeing this post or hasn't read my blog yet.

onion head

I can't stress this point enough. I LOVE MY BLOG.


Self-Pwn Jon said...

I don't love your blog.
I adore it.
Take that!

Yvonne said...

Why don't you just come straight out and say "I'M SELF OBSESSED!!" instead of all those elaboration?

And by the way, I've read your blog and I can't summon any love for it. It's hard to love something which is FULL OF HATRED itself. Do you notice that about 70% of your blog is written based on negative feelings and comment? (up until now, that is)

Anonymous said...

i noticed! i noticed! i mean the hatred thing. n i think this more sheer boredom than love that makes me read your blog.... but since i probably more self obsessed than u, i wont say anything bout tat.
-S (makes me more mysterious see...but u can probably guess from the spelling mistakes i think...)

Unknown said...