Thursday, 18 June 2009


I sit at my table, glaring at my laptop. I've just come back from a long day of classes. Eventful, this day wasn't.

Somehow, this is the first birthday where I don't feel all special and fuzzy on the inside. I guess this is growing up.

Cake, then dinner at KLCC.

Hopefully it will be better than the dull day I had today.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


"Accept it!"

No I will not.

"Say it!"

No. Piss off will you?

"You'll have to say the F-word one day"

No. I will never have to.

"Say it!"

"Fine!" I say, albeit unwillingly. "I am a Food-oholic."

I let out a huge breath and clutch my chest. Phew, that was almost unbearable. I was just arguing with my friend; apparently, I have a problem with eating. Huh. As if.

I mean, okay, let's see what I ate yesterday. I went out with my cousins to Sunway Pyramid. There we started with the movie, that is to say, popcorn. Who can argue with popcorn?! Popcorn is a must have. So yeah that doesn't count.

Then we had lunch at KFC. I ordered a Zinger Burger and a Toasted Twister. Well quite understandable. I mean, have you seen the size of the burgers nowadays? I didn't know they make 'em compact now. And then the Toasted Twister. Come on, one can't really be full after eating that, am I right? Exactly.

So then I met Kesha. Old time friends, we are. So of course we had to sit down for tea. After a drink from Asian Avenue, we went to J-Co Donuts. I had three donuts, three most awesomely delicious donuts anyone can imagine. The first one was Glazzy. It the softest, yet very crispy, donut anyone can ever imagine. Oh, so delicious! And have you ever heard of a savoury donut, as opposed to the sweet ones which are always sold? Well I had not, so I just had to have the Mona Pisa! And the other one was the Tira-Miss-U. The name said it all. I had to have it.

Let's see. After that we proceeded to the the exit. Oh wait we stopped to buy some sandwiches for the road. Oh come on, we need to have dinner right? Right...?

Okay, maybe I do have a teensy-weensy problem with food: I can't have enough. But it's nothing I can't get over. Really. I mean, everyone likes to eat right? Eating is natural. Exactly.

I don't think it's anything to worry about anyway. Okay, to prove how right I am, I will go for the one class I have today, and not eat anything. Yes, that will show them how right I am.

I walk past the cafeteria towards the corridor. I take out my water bottle from my bag and proceed to the water cooler to fill it up. As it is filling up, I notice that the notice board beside the Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice stall has been updated. I walk to the board, completely ignoring the two stalls, I might add.

Interesting, interesting. Lot's of new activities going on. How very interesting...

Then suddenly, I turn around and go to the Nasi Lemak stall. I pay and take my plate and sit at a nearby table.

Wait. What just happened?

Monday, 15 June 2009


If you're a Hindu, you'll find something to laugh at in this quiz. Lol.

How much do you know about Hindu Gods
This is a quiz about the pantheion of Hindu GODS and GODESSES
  1. 1.How many Vedas are there in Hinduism?
  2. 2.What are Vedas otherwise called as?
  3. 3.Who are the Trinity Gods of Hinduism
    ← You have to laugh at this. Ha-ha
  4. 4.Who is the God of protection?
    ← This too! Wtf!
  5. 5.Who are the wives of Karthikeya/Muruga/Subhramanya?
  6. 6.Whose son is Sastha? ←Who the fuck is this?
  7. 7.Who are the 3 acharyas?← The hell if I know
  8. 8.What was the philosophy of Shankara?
  9. 9.What is the abode of Shiva?
  10. 10.What was the 4th avtar of Visnu?

Friday, 5 June 2009


It is nineteen minutes after midnight on the fifth of June. And I am bored.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I read the reply I have just received from someone. I asked him "Are you there yet?" and he replies "Yes..."

Somehow I just can't get my head around the fact that he's added two extra full-stops after his answer. It just makes him look impatient and makes me look like a friggin ass who can't seem to comprehend his arrival. "Yes......"

I reply "Great, I'll be right there."

Two seconds later, my phone beeps, signaling a received message. "Ok..."

What the hell?! What with the "..." ?

Can't someone just type "O-friggin-k" without the full-stops? It's not that hard. The extra full-stops just make their answers longer and...and...well just not very nice to read. Gosh.

When I get home and sign into Facebook, I notice a guy I know used to be in the school I used to go to.

Sudhan Nair
Is than an SSU badge I see? /:|


This is getting irritating. He's practically asking me "Yes......what's it to you?"

Sudhan Nair
dude! you're in SSU?!

used to be la...

Now he's calling me an ass for asking such a question. Subliminal messages, people! Alot can be contained in just three dots.

Sudhan Nair
oh okay. i was there till form 2. when were you there?

i was there from 2006 till last year...

To this, I don't know what to reply. I'll give him a taste of his own medicine.

Sudhan Nair
oh...awesome! :D

No reply. Sometimes, being nice doesn't pay.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Done by JJ. :)

Day One

Oh God. Oh God, oh God, oh God.

I hate this place. I detest this place. No, no. I just hate it.

Day One at UTAR Setapak Campus.

I sweat as I walk along the pavement to DK1 for my first lecture. Not only is it surprising that one is able to perspire despite the fact that the pathway is covered, but...oh screw it, this place just sucks.