Monday, 15 June 2009


If you're a Hindu, you'll find something to laugh at in this quiz. Lol.

How much do you know about Hindu Gods
This is a quiz about the pantheion of Hindu GODS and GODESSES
  1. 1.How many Vedas are there in Hinduism?
  2. 2.What are Vedas otherwise called as?
  3. 3.Who are the Trinity Gods of Hinduism
    ← You have to laugh at this. Ha-ha
  4. 4.Who is the God of protection?
    ← This too! Wtf!
  5. 5.Who are the wives of Karthikeya/Muruga/Subhramanya?
  6. 6.Whose son is Sastha? ←Who the fuck is this?
  7. 7.Who are the 3 acharyas?← The hell if I know
  8. 8.What was the philosophy of Shankara?
  9. 9.What is the abode of Shiva?
  10. 10.What was the 4th avtar of Visnu?


Alexander CTS said...

So what's ur score? 0%? lol

Unknown said...

surprisingly, over 80% :| i tembak-ed most of the qs :P