Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I read the reply I have just received from someone. I asked him "Are you there yet?" and he replies "Yes..."

Somehow I just can't get my head around the fact that he's added two extra full-stops after his answer. It just makes him look impatient and makes me look like a friggin ass who can't seem to comprehend his arrival. "Yes......"

I reply "Great, I'll be right there."

Two seconds later, my phone beeps, signaling a received message. "Ok..."

What the hell?! What with the "..." ?

Can't someone just type "O-friggin-k" without the full-stops? It's not that hard. The extra full-stops just make their answers longer and...and...well just not very nice to read. Gosh.

When I get home and sign into Facebook, I notice a guy I know used to be in the school I used to go to.

Sudhan Nair
Is than an SSU badge I see? /:|


This is getting irritating. He's practically asking me "Yes......what's it to you?"

Sudhan Nair
dude! you're in SSU?!

used to be la...

Now he's calling me an ass for asking such a question. Subliminal messages, people! Alot can be contained in just three dots.

Sudhan Nair
oh okay. i was there till form 2. when were you there?

i was there from 2006 till last year...

To this, I don't know what to reply. I'll give him a taste of his own medicine.

Sudhan Nair
oh...awesome! :D

No reply. Sometimes, being nice doesn't pay.

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