Wednesday, 21 April 2010


It's funny what you can learn from a movie as dumb as Old Dogs. I watched it for the Movie Review today and it sucked. I mean, cliche after cliche, lameness after lameness, all got me bored after the first twenty minutes. Yes, it only took that long to become a cliche. What do you call a cliched cliche? Anything with John Travolta and Robin Williams I suppose (anyone watched Wild Hogs?).

However! The lameness, the cliche, the expected plot all notwithstanding, I HAD to come up with something to say about the movie because it was a Movie Review. Duh.

I'm surprised with the shit I came up with actually.Justify Full
"I learned something about love from the two kids. Even though they found out about their father after seven years, they still wanted to be with him and spend time with him. They knew that their father wasn't the ideal dad because he was old, inexperienced, and didn't know how to bond with them. This did not stop them from loving him all the same. Lots of other kids would have tried to stay away from their long-lost dads but these kids, at such young ages, loved their dad. That was unconditional love. And that is the kind of love we need to have for the people we're close to. They may hurt us at times, they may bitch you with their PMS, they may accidentally say things that offend you, but you gotta love them for who they are, not for what they do."

I was applauded for this. :) :) :)

So yes, it struck me that no matter how bad a movie, you can somehow, in some way, extract some kind of message from it. Because nothing is created without a reason. So yes, this is my message for the day.

Go forth and love unconditionally!


I finally decided to continue blogging. I have no idea why.

Maybe I have too much drama suppressed in my mind.

Maybe I need to find something to busy myself with besides slumber.

Or maybe my browser's finally giving in to me by connecting to

I have no idea. I just know that I need to update my nearly-dead space.

Update No 1
I'm financially secure. Yays!
Last Thursday I signed the agreement with PTPTN and I shall be getting my loan in 21 days. How awesome is that? All my worries are finally OVER. I repeat, OVER.
Oh wait, I spoke too soon. Here's:

Update No 2
My final's start next Friday! Precious minutes pass as I type all this in the text area. I should know better than to waste time like this. But like I said, I need to blog.

Update No 3
Oh hell. I thought I had alot to say. Now I'm not so sure any more. Oh well, till later folks.

"Aint no sunshine, gonna take this rain away"- Hope by The Submarines