Saturday, 26 July 2008

Why so serious?


Is there another word to describe this movie besides:


No, there isn't. So there you go, the entire movie review in (relatively) one word. Muahaha.

Ok, actually, the movie wasn't all that good...... Naw, man it was AWESOME! Ehem... I mean, it had it's flaws (yeah well, which movie doesn't?). What was good about this movie was that it did not have just one climax, climaxes were spread out through out the movie, which was not such a good thing per se.

Let's start from the beginning. The started off in a not-so conventional way, quite opposed to the usual Batman beginning, where they show off a few parts of Batman's body, fully dressed of course (in the previous Batman movie, Batman and Robin, they actually had the audacity of showing us some crotch, ass, breast, and what not, fully dressed of course. :) ) Anyway, this movie (The Dark Knight) started off not so conventionally, I won't mention how so as to leave a little suspense for those who have not watched it. F.Y.I if you have not watched it, all of us who have watched look down upon you from a higher level of consciousness.

Anyway, if you ask me the best parts of the movie are all the scenes involving The Joker. Seriously, you don't get bored with him; there is some form of humour, thrill, darkness, evil around him (or her : OOPS theres a little spoiler for ya XD) Yes, folks, The Joker, probably the best character in the film. Sadly, they spent most of the movie focusing on the sissy Batman and how sad he is, that he is losing to the Joker, which is not even highlighted very clearly in the movie. It's like... The Joker goes "Oh Batman, blah blah blah or else blah blah blah (throw in a psychotic laugh or two)" and then Bruce Wayne's all sissified and going "Now i see what I have to become to stop people like him." Of course we DO know what's going on but in a movie, we should be taken step by step through the plot, ya know what I mean?

And it was sooooo irritating to see The Joker winning throughout the movie! Hahaha it was fun but still irritating, no doubt. I mean I was like "When is this guy gonna slip up and get his ass beat?? =.=" Oh don't get me wrong, he DID get his ass whacked loads of times... but it wasn't getting to him. Like wow. I salute him. :X:X:X:X:X:X:X. The character of The Joker was just soo awesome, ladies and gentlemen. He was the ultimate bad guy. He was the UBER-bad guy. (Hah managed to slip that word in somehow).

Hmm what else did I miss? Batman was a sissy...Joker was TEH man... Rachel was a pussy.... Alfred was useless, Harvey Dent.... OH YEAH him! Well his character was a complicated one. Really kesian him one... One last little spoiler? You won't be seeing anymore of Two-Face. Muahahahahahahaha! But The Joker will be back. He is TEH man!

Congrats Heath Ledger, and my condolences. XD

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