Thursday, 17 September 2009


I want to talk about Movies. Yes, that's right, Movies with a capital M.

You see, I like movies. I like just sitting and enjoying know. The movie feeling thingy. No! I like many stuff about it. It's just hard to think of 'em to put into one sentence.

Lemme break it down for you:

(a) The actors
Yes, sirree. What is a movie without the main/minor casts? Nothing. But of course when you have such sucky actors in a movie, you just gotta hope that the plot or something about the movie is nice or else it will suck, indefinitely. I'm very serious here. Here is an example of a sucky movie:

Excuse me while I barf. *barfs* Meanwhile, my ass couldn't keep still. Waddaya say to that Scott Derrickson?

Another boring movie, but this has nothing to do with the actors, as it is an animated movie.

Somebody squeeze my windpipe, I'm having an epiphany. I should never have agreed to go for that movie.

But that's not my point (a line which - apparently - I seem to be saying alot these days). My point is supposed to be (somewhat) related to the relevance of actors in movies that makes me want to watch them.

Fyi. My IQ is not high enough to keep track of what I'm supposed to talk about so bear with me while I rant, ladies and gentlemen. I'm on a roll here.

Okay so back to actors. Let me highlight a performance so totally awesome, that even I got scared in the cinema.

Jeng jeng jeng! Check out the eyes! Sociopathic? Yeah babeh!

I soooo wanna act a maniac like him one day! Someone give me the chance; I can do it! :D

Really, I can. I'm awesome, hence I can do anything :|

More notable performances? Sure!

Take note of the two women in beside Bruce. Forget Bruce. Well he's good too, but still. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn! Omg people watch this movie! Death Becomes Her! Their performances were most definitely Oscar worthy.

God in hell knows why they didn't get nominated. Hmph. Obviously, no one has my taste. Well it's their loss anyway. *rolls eyes in an apathetic way*

I'm quite surprised, nay, impressed by Meryl Streep. She is sooo versatile! From an unstable mother, to a flamboyant, irresponsible sister, to a spoiled, arrogant, magazine editor bitch, to a nun. Like zomg. :| I wanna be like her as well. ^^

I have Probability and Statistics exam on Friday. It's Thursday. I haven't opened the book. Gtg.

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