Saturday, 19 September 2009


I went to Carrefour to buy bloody cheap eggs for my bitches' breakfast every morning. The eggs are Grade C and they're only RM5.99 in Carrefour. ZOMG. Grab, grab, grab!

So yeah, I went there, got one tray and went to the counter to pay. The cashier put the tray into a plastic bag and I paid.

I realised that I'd better wrap it up in two plastic bags. God knows, with the state of my driving, they could smash on the floor before I even leave the premises of Carrefour.

So then I asked "Kak, boleh letak dalam satu lagi plastik tak?"

You know what the bitch answered me? "Mana boleh?!"

"MANA fucking BOLEH?"

I mean, what the fuck? When did Carrefour become so stingy? They're saving on plastic bags now? They used to give out plastic bags like flyers. And now, "Mana boleh?" What the hell~?

Stingy Carrefour. Hmph.

Please note that Giant would never deny me the plastic bags I rightly want. I love Giant.
Tesco's another story. Damn em, but their vegetables are soo very the cheap. xD

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