Sunday, 26 July 2009



Here's how my day went.

I slept at 3am, studying (or at least trying to) for the Discrete Mathematics test at 9am. I vaguely remember my conversation with someone at that time.

Sudhan: Hey! It's like 3am weh. My test is at 9am weh. And I can't study weh. 6 hours to go. Die.

Someone: Good luck :)

Sudhan: Bitch.

I woke up at 7 friggin 30 in the morning, afraid that I was going to be late for the test. See, Mr. Koay specifically said to be early.

Test started at 8.50am and finished at 9.50am. All I can say is that it was do-able. Do-able.

Then I has errands to run. Typical Saturday morning, it was. Oh and did I mention that a friend from the Netherlands is visiting so I had to make space in my compact day for him?

Errands, that is to say, buying a new bulb to replace the broken one (yes literally broken; the thing burst for some weird reason; oh wait, yes there is a reason; life hates my guts), collecting some spare keys from the shop, rearranging my schedule for guitar classes, and finally dropping by the good ol' school to get my SPM cert.

Back home, I had half an hour before I had to go for my guitar class. Enough said.

After class I had to take my good old Dutch friend for lunch, where apparently, we did not get to go Dutch. Aside from that bad pun, he soo did not enjoy chicken rice. How does not not enjoy chicken rice, for god's sake? He's repels Malaysian food like flies to vinegar, like leopards to grass, like kids to MJ.

After that I had to rush to PJ, where I met Jessica after a very long hiatus. Well it wasn't much of a hiatus as it was an only-online-conversations. So yeah. It was great. Boo to those who couldn't be there. She belanja-ed me waffles. Hah.


Now I come home and I am tired. Tired. I need my bed.

As I throw myself onto the soft, cushion-y mattress of mine (from Ikea, go figure) I am disturbed:

"Get ready! We're taking Mr Dutch for dinner and movie!"

I need sleep! Does anyone get that?!


I sit through another two and a half hours of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Even so, I still can't get enough of that movie. It's simply wunderbar. Sucks to be those who don't like it. Oh wait, actually I did find myself escaping to the toilet to play Sudoku on my phone. I had overestimated my anticipation to see the movie twice.


It is 1.20am in the morning, the next day, now. We will be headed to Genting Highlands Theme Park in the morning. We (most definitely) will be home late. I (most definitely) will be tired. I have a Calculus test on Tuesday, Accounting test on Thursday, and a Programming test on Friday. God HELP me.

Dump the exams. Bring on the assignments. I'm tired.

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