Thursday, 30 July 2009


I think my Japanese Language lecturer hates me.

Seriously. He hates my guts.

It's not normal for a teacher to hate my guts, because I'm too fabulous a student for that to happen.

However, lately I've been too lazy for anything, that is to say, lazy to study as well. So I'm not progressing in Japanese. And me thinks he doesn't like that, since I'm forgetting what he's just taught like a few minutes ago.

Well obviously, if they expect us to cram into our heads Hiragana and Katakana on top of all the Probability & Statistics, Calculus, and not to forget Programming that we have to do. Some people however seem to be doing well. But screw them; life doesn't revolve around them. Life revolves around me. :)

You should see the look my Japanese lecturer gives me. It's a look of loathing. I tell you, we have a pure Snape and Harry relationship going.

And the cherry on top of the cake is the fact that my group has three people, when "It's supposed to be four in a group" and he "wants to disqualify" us from presenting. Uh, lemme get it straight. He want's to stop us from handing in the assignment for which we are paying to do in the first place?

But in the end, the other lecturer told him that it's okay for us to present in threes. He wasn't happy though. Which was why he avoided my eye the whole lesson, except when he asked me questions.

"Repeat what he said," sensei told me, after a guy had just finished telling his birthday and his age, all in Japanese.

"Er...can you repeat that?" I ask the guy.

Sensei's eyes widen in horror as I speak English. Apparently he'd been saying that phrase in Japanese the whole time and I missed it.

"Er...moichiro onegai shimasu?" I repeat.

He relaxes. That's a good sign.

He's coming to my table. That's a bad sign.

"Did you do the homework?"

"Er... I wrote my own birthday, so I dunno what he said," I reply.

He purses his lips and goes away. God, I wish I didn't screw up all the time.

Later it's my turn to read my birthday out to everyone. And I do it well, I must add.

Sensei listens with his eyes closed. Oh no, he hates me that much?! Damn.

When I'm done, he opens his eyes and says "Okay." Then he turns to the rest of the class and points at me. "Good pronunciation," he says with...with... wait. Does he look impressed?!

Well! I always knew I had it in me. Which is why I always liked him very much... Did I tell you how much he likes me...?

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