Monday, 27 July 2009


When I went to Gentings on Sunday I realised that I have a fear of heights and of speed. It never struck me before that the squeamish feeling I get in my stomach and the fits my legs get into when I'm in a fast moving object in mid air is actually a phobia.

I had a lot of time to think about this while waiting to get onto the Pirate Ship, a ride that swings from side to side. Now, from below it didn't look scary. I was actually laughing at a woman who was screaming herself shitless while being rocked to and fro at about 70mph.

But only when I got on it, and it started rocking, did I start feeling squeamish. My stomach felt like it was convoluting and my right leg would stop twitching. However I did not feel scared.

Maybe the reason it didn't affect me so much was because I got on with the mindset that it wasn't scary, but my body thought otherwise. I don't know how this fits into perspective in reality. I don't have an explanation.

This is what happens when you get an adrenaline rush from even thinking of a snake. Hyperphobia.

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