Thursday, 16 July 2009


Don't you hate your lecturers sometimes? I know I do.

I am sitting in the lecture hall, or rather, the examination hall for now. It's Probability and Statistics I Test 1, and I'm finishing up my answers to the questions. It's surprisingly un-hard.

"Eh-hem... Students please take note about the following errors.." says the booming voice over the microphone. Mr Chua.

Right. Question 4. He's explaining the meaning of the instruction.

"There are 500 males in the blah blah. Of them are blah blah..."

These people are having a problem of understanding what "Of them" means. No comment.

After that I check to see if I have understood it properly as well. :P Hey, one can never be sure, right?

Suddenly I hear a giggle from behind me. I turn around to find one of the lecturers looking at my paper with a smile. I look once more at my paper. Did I do something wrong?

"Why? Wrong ah?" I asked.

Distractedly, she replies "Huh? No no, it's right." She then smiles and walks away...

...and leaves me there, dumbf**ked.

Now I'm not sure if the questions are as easy as they seem.

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