Sunday, 26 July 2009


Holy hell. When you've seen the Space Shot ride, I guess you've seen it all.


What the F man?! Who the hell goes on such a ride?!

Koen Eyck, thats who. Twice, no less.


It all started this morning, when I woke up at 11.30am. This is late for me. Very late. 4 hours late. Anyway, I only had time to change, stuff breakfast down, send something over to a friend's house, and then leave for Gentings (which apparently, is alot of time).

Which is bloody why we reached the place at friggin 2.30pm. Had we not taken the cable car, we'd have been there by like, I dunno, 1? Go figure.

The cable car station place thingy was like full of people. Why these people choose to use the cable car when they have huge bulging bags and babies to carry is beyond me. I mean, i counted about a zillion buses everywhere, from Gombak itself.

So yeah we had to endure (and I put alot of emphasis on this word) in the line. Picture crying babies and parents with prams, and the like. After waiting for approximately 15 minutes in the line we reach a sign that read:

"Waiting time from this point onwards: 30 minutes"

Wow, really? That's it? Pfft.

I made myself feel better by looking back at the beginning of the line while thinking to myself "At least we're not there", but this particular mindset was stomped on by a huge voice at the back of my head shouting "But we're not there (the end of the line) either."

If you ever do figure out my mind, let me know. ;)


Basically it was a typical day in Gentings. Didn't feel all that special, considering the fact that I had not been there in like 9 years. Yeah, that long.

Nothing special there folks (I'm totally ignoring the Space Shot ride btw). The Corkscrew and Flying-something rides were closed, and they charged us RM44 to utilise the rendered-useless Gentings themeparks without those 2 particular rides.

But I did eat cotton candy and turn round and round in a giant teacup till I was dizzy. :)


By the end of the trip, I realised something. Or make that 2 things. I have a fear of heights and of speed (and of water, snakes, death, and being thrown overboard from a sinking ship, but those are irrelevant aren't they?).


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