Monday, 27 July 2009


It's already July. Half the year has passed and I just took a look at the resolutions I made this year.

In 2009, I resolve to:

1. Take an interest in the outside world.

That was a very swanky way of saying "To read the newspapers more often." No, hasn't been achieved. Unless you count reading the comics and a pathetic attempt at the Sudoku puzzles once in a while as "reading the newspaper." But never mind, still 5 months to go. Anything can happen.

2. Forgive, forgive, forgive

I think I was feeling too forgiving on this particular day. It so happens I'm in a situation where I can't forgive. Not right now. Sorry.

3. Find myself, my inner self.

What was I in, a cult? I'm scratching this off.

4. Heal more

Apparently, I can make people feel better. :)

5. Swear and curse less, because less is more. :)

Hah. I never could walk the talk. Unachievable.

6. Be for the glory, not the degradation.

I think I got this off a book. I don't think I know what it means anymore.

Okay I know what it means, it's just that I've so involved in degradation and glory, they sort of balance out, you know what I mean? Still working on it.

7. Make a difference to the people around me.

Make a difference? Gosh, I must have recovered from a bad case of insecurity or something. Everyone loves me. I'm totally fabulous. I don't need to make a difference. Scratch.

8. Lose excess baggage.

It so happens that I've gained. 5 little ones. Damn. (see? unachievable) But I'm still going to be headstrong about this i.e. jogging in the morning!

9. Be more spontaneous.

Now this is something I'm sure I have achieved! :D Yay me.

10. Go bungee jumping.

Holy hell! Double scratch. Isn't it obvious I had not been to Gentings then?

So all-in-all, it's been a not so productive year, resolution-achieving wise. But who the hell cares? I'll take life as it goes by and see what happens. :)

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