Sunday, 2 August 2009


This is a concert ticket. I am attending this concert. As soon as Saffuan gets here.

Let me introduce you to one more person in my life.

I've known Saffuan since Form 4. He was new and we were both late on the first day of school and were sitting at the back of the hall with the rest of the tardies (that year itself I became a prefect; go figure).


I'm sitting in the hall and waiting for the teachers to finish her bloody speech. God this is taking so long. Suddenly the guy in front of me turns:

Saffuan: Hi, I'm Saffuan.
Sudhan: Er, hi.
Saffuan: What's your name?
Sudhan: Sudhan.

After that he talked about some shit which did not register in my head. Seriously, he was blabbering about his past. Does the look of interest lie on my face? I think not. Then why is he talking?

Sudhan: That's interesting...

After the assembly, the Form 4 students are asked to congregate at the front of the hall to sit for our streaming test.

Saffuan: *still talking*
Sudhan: Er, we have to go do the test now.
Saffuan: What test?
Sudhan: Er...the test that will determine which classes we get into.
Saffuan: Oh so where do we sit.
Sudhan: Well we sit in our classes, the ones we were in back in Form 3.
Saffuan: But I don't have a class.

Oh god, this guy is incessant.

Sudhan: Well look for other students who are lost...I gtg! Bye!

And I run off. Boy, it was good to get rid of him. I sit with my classmates and finish up the test.
Later after I've been assigned to my class, I go to the designated room. As I enter I notice an empty seat, and I take it.

"Hi again"

I turn to the seat beside me. It's Saffuan.


And that's how I came to know Saffuan. Since then we were in the same class and yeah all the way to Form 5.

And he's late. Some things never change.

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