Sunday, 9 August 2009


Oh my god, this line is bloody long.

We're at KLIA, to see Koen off as he goes back to the Netherlands. This could (not) turn emotional.

Or should I say geriatric. The freakin check-in line!! Why couldn't they open more counters?!

We're standing in line while summing up the past two weeks. He (says) he had fun and indeed did (not) like the food at Malaysia. We're glad he did (not) have fun. We did (not) have fun as well. It's almost (not) a shame to see him go. I've gotten used to life with him.

Yes, I do mean that! Look, when Koen is around there's always breakfast and dinner. Sometimes lavish. Usually we don't have nice hearty breakfasts and dinner at home because...well I don't know. My parents decide not to.

However, with Koen around, we needed to adapt to the gwailo lifestyle for a little while. This is good news for me as I always have a nice big breakfast set on the table and a good big dinner.

Let me see. I took him to dinners at TGI Fridays, Thai, Japanese, and North Indian restaurants, lunch at Chillis, McDonalds, Starbucks and not to forget he took us to Shook! for dinner on his last night. Yes sirree, life has been goooood.

One thing for sure, he said, he aint gonna have chicken for awhile. Well I don't eat beef or pork, so naturally he got accustomed to my life for the past two weeks. :P

This friggin line! Ugh die you incompetent MAS bastards, die!

Oh look we're up. :)


We're at the gates. We will not be able to accompany him from here on in. He goes in, and down the escalator.

Fly Koen, fly~!


The hell outta here.


Goodbye Koen! Having you in Malaysia was fun, if not inconvenient! I learnt alot stuff, and yeah I can't wait to (not) come to the Netherlands.

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