Sunday, 30 August 2009


It just sucks when you go to your cousins' house bearing chocolates and the first thing you see one of them doing is jamming on his new guitar. You should by then that it is going to be one of those visits.

He just couldn't stop rubbing it into my face, how well he could play. =.= I mean, yeah okay he is kinda, sorta, good. But he didn't have to show off did he?

Well maybe showing off was okay. But saying shit like "Omg you're so slow" when I demonstrated my somewhat mediocre skills, (at his request no less) is just plain mean! Argh!

What more, his nine year old brother has a bigger mouth, and an untuned guitar. Heaven help us. *rolls eyes*

Yes indeed, a typical visit to the house of the relatives.

They're family, I'm not allowed to hate em. Go figure.

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