Monday, 30 November 2009


I hate KFC.

Ignore whatever I've said about chickens deserving to die.

Ok look. We eating them is part of the food web. I agree. That's why I had no qualms about eating chicken before. (Beef and pork are different; they're another story)

But when one takes a look at how the chickens are being treated in them factories, it's just saddening. How can I ever look at another piece of KFC chicken without thinking about the hardship the poor bird was put through? I can't.

And so, I give up chicken.

It's not worth it to eat the meat and know that an animal had to die be brutally murdered at the hands of a fellow human being just so u can fill your tummy in a daily meal. It really isn't.

I haven't thought about my stand on fish rights. Seafood is still yummy. :P

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Alexander CTS said...

Prejudice! Fish, Pork, Beef, Chicken, they are still animals. U cant just side the chickens. lol..