Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Well, this is embarrassing.

I was just telling a friend about my new anti-chicken thing. I told her my reason (how badly they're treated) and she was like "What??? Where? Surely not in Malaysia!"

And I was like, why the hell not?

Well, apparently what differentiates the chickens bred in Malaysia (and other Islamic countries) and the chickens bred in other countries is this itsy bitsy thing:


I still haven't decided. :P

Chicken~ you poor, defenseless being you. T___T


Adele Zaaba said...

Surely, the friend is me. Haha

Yassir Baroudi said...


All chicken which has a full white collor is actually biologicaly engineered and the aya says:

And mislead them and tempt them, and order them to slit the ears of animals; and order them to alter God's creation." He who holds Satan as friend in place of God will assuredly be damned to perdition. [4:119]

that chicken is fully altered creation of ALLAH , may ALLAH feed us halal ^^