Thursday, 19 February 2009


Okay so here I am, at the trian station, on my way to college for training. I wait patiently for the train, even though the heat is bugging me. This is going to be another boring old ride to college.

As the train pulls up into the station, and I get a look at who's sitting inside it, I know that I was wrong. My cousin JJ is sitting at the corner, all wrapped up being herself. Okay, I should say that I' excited(?) to meet her. The last time we met, I mean, ALL the times we have met have not been on friendly terms. Well she was friendly, but I...okay I was too. But that was on the outside. Fine, I'll just come right out and say I hate her okay?

Oh no, I think as I enter the train. Please don't look this way, please don't look this way, please d-...

Shit she's seen me. I turn the other way in hopes she won't recognize me. Then I glance back after a few seconds to make sure if she has seen me or not. Damn, she's getting that look on her face. Shit, I've been made.

I smile in her direction. She smiles back and invites me to sit down next to her. Wow, that was nice of her. No, don't fall for it. Just be composed and try not to make conversation.

"Hey! How are you? Long time no see? What you doing here? Where you goin?" I ask, immediately. So much for trying not to make conversation. I swear sometimes my body and my mind are two mutually exclusive beings.

Well, she certainly does seem friendlier. Yeah, maybe she has changed after all. Well I guess people do change as they grow older, you know. Now maybe I'll have good relationships with my cousins. You see, I've never got along with my cousins that well, mostly because we never see each other often. So sometimes I don't know who they are.

Yes, I really feel a change coming on. This is one of the turning points in my life, the time when I finally am able to forge good rapport with my cousin. And this will expand to my other cousins and extended family members, and then we'll all be one big happy family. I feel closer to them already. And...

"So, Uncle G's birthday was yesterday," she says out of the blue.

What? Who is this person?

"Oh really?" I exclaim, as if I actually know who he is. I rack my brains in efforts to find out.

"Yes, but you know we usually gather for birthdays. Can you believe it, yesterday was Uncle G's birthday, the day before was Uncle S's and tomorrow is N's birthday. And we're not even celebrating, because everyone's so busy with the wedding. Uncle H is getting married," she says.

Who in the world are these people? I really should get out more. Wait, no. I've heard about Uncle H's wedding. Yes yes he's getting married to T whose best friend is my mom's childhood friend.

"And you know who's the busiest in planning the wedding?" she adds.

Yes, I know the answer to this question. Ha-ha. I do know family trivia. The only one who could be soo into a wedding is N's mom.

"Yes, of course I know who it is. It's N's mom!" I reply.

Wait, what was her name again? God, why did I even get on this train?

"Oh yes her name is Aunty P," I say, and she laughs.

I finally reach my stop and get off, relieved that I don't have to answer family trivia anymore.

"See you at the wedding!" JJ says.

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