Thursday, 26 February 2009


This is it, I think, as all of us are lined up on the stage, awaiting the moment of decision. Surprisingly, I don't feel as nervous as I always do during a performance. On the contrary, I feel excited, elated even. After two strenuous weeks of travelling to and from college for practice, and finishing very late into the night, it is like everything that happened is now building up into a crescendo in me. My heart is beating very fast, and the thought that this is the end is almost unbearable. Slowly, I take myself back to three weeks ago, when we first found out we were chosen.

Okay I'm too lazy to do such a thing. It's more of a flashback. I remember meeting them for the first time, and having daily practices together, helping each other out with our roles, and getting freaked out by Zikang's sissy-ness, and yeah lot's more.

Zikang, freaking everyone out.

The mannequin group practicing, Jordi was helpoing them out because Terrance was absent.

Yoke Fong and I, two nights before the finals.

Me, posing with Zikang's diva glasses.

It was late that night, and the train was empty, so...I kinda camwhored. Yes, I took lot's of pics, none of which I'll show you.

And now here we are, far from where we were on the first day we met, excited and happy. Now is the time to find out who will win Most Popular. Well, obviously it will be Orange or Terrance. No contest. You see, everyone is cheering their names. Orange got a bouquet from his friends before the show, and Terrance's friends kept chanting his name while he was on stage. Even we on stage are shouting their names. Orange, Orange! Terrance, Terrance!

"And the winner of the Most Popular award goes to..."

Orange, Orange! Terrance, Terrance!

"Mister Sudhan!"

What the hell?! What! Most Popular means you have received the most number of votes. And to win means...Who the ruddy hell voted for me? Oh my god! Okay, stop standing still and go over to the judge and collect the hamper. Now. Move!

Oh my god. Oh shit. This is good. I feel great! I smile and wave to the audience.

Oh my god! Most popular? Most of them voted for me? Wow! I can see it now. I'm going to be an actor on broadway, maybe even in Hollywood! I will be popular, all my movies will sell well, not Oscar-worthy, but well-liked by everyone. I will try to boost my acting skills by playing the part of a gay cowboy in a movie directed by a chinese dude, and win awards for my work, and then I'll somehow die from drug overdose and... Oh shit. Too far, I've gone.

I bring myself back to the prize giving ceremony.

"And the first runner up is..."

Me, me, me.

"Mr Zikang!"

Wow! Awesome! Look at him! He so deserves it! He walks up to the judge and...and...I can't believe it. He's posing. He is posing. And more posing. And...Oh god, get your ass over here you self involved motolok.

He finally comes back to his place and the grand prize winner of Star Idol is finally announced.

"And the winner of Star Idol 2009 is...."

Me, me, me. No way, it can't be. Oh god, who's it going to be?!

"Mr Hui Hsing!"

The whole hall erupts in applause and the din is enough to make anyone think an explosion has gone off. And an explosion it is, as Hui Hsing goes up front to claim his hamper.

Congratulations Hui Hsing!

Bel and I. Bel's the head honcho of the production team. He's a great guy. Thanks alot Bel, for everything.

Juliana, the Devil in our sketch.

Later, after pictures have been taken, and goodbyes are said, I go out with Kesha and Jie Juan, who were awesome enough to come all the way to watch the show. After a late dinner, we walk to Asia Jaya station, where we separate and make our ways home.

On the train back, I can't help but dance to the music on my iPod. Euphoria is the exact word to describe it. What a night.

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