Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Malaysia's tropical weather is going to be the death of me. The heat is so unbearable. I know that other countries face more extreme heat waves, and I should count my lucky stars our highest temperature recorded is relatively lower than some others. But it's just so bloody hot!

I sat under the sweltering hot sun and fixed wire netting to my gate so that my bitches would not be able to escape through it. Yes, the gate has spaces huge enough for my small sized dogs to squeeze through. From ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, I sat on a stool in my porch tightening wires to hold the netting in place. Okay so maybe I took some time off from eleven to one to watch Juno on TV, and from two to two-thirthy to watch Monster Allergy on TV as well, and and I didn't technically start at ten, ten-forty maybe. That makes it about half an hour, the time I took to fix up the netting. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Er, anyway, that's not the point.

Malaysia is so bloody hot! After experience under the hot sun, I had to travel to college for the Star Idol training sessions. In fact I have been traveling to college everyday since last week for training sessions, under the sun no less. I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT understand how people can work or walk under the sun and heat.

As I travel to college, I see people walking like as if the sun is merely the moon in the bright sky. Honestly, I don't see a single drop of sweat breaking out of their skin. How do these people do it? For me, the moment I step in a heated area, I can feel sweat coming out of the pores on my back. It's a very quick process, hence I strive to stay away from heat and especially the sun.

Today I walked from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng to Low Yat Plaza, which, I can tell you, aint nearby. About four kilometres away, if I'm not mistaken. Under the hot, hot, hot sun I walked, through KLCC, pass Pavilion, and along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

I saw people dining outside Dome and Starbucks and other restaurants and coffee shops. Though the area was covered, it was bloody hot! I would never have sat outside and eaten. I would sit safely in the confines of the air-conditioning and enjoy my food, rather than torture myself and sweat through my meal. God, those people are crazy.

Thankfully, by the time I finish with the gate, the weather has changed. It starts raining, and I have to endure it all the way to the LRT station, where I stand, soaked to the soles of my feet. After practice, I have dried off, but not properly, so my clothes carry a smell of wetness. I sit in the LRT just wanting to go home and have a good bath. It was then that I realise the woman sitting next to me has covered her face with her tudung. Funny, I thought. Someone must be stinking. I glance to the person beside her and find out that the person is a middle aged woman, dressed nicely. She couldn't be stinking, now could she? Then I got the whiff of my wetness smell and realised it was me. Lol, the way she is holding up her tudung to cover her face is priceless.


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Bring an umbrella, or use REXONA! They work~

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rexona works? :O urgh, umbrellas ah? so ma fan.. :D