Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Last exam of the semester

I stare at the clock. Five more minutes. Five painstakingly long minutes.

I am in the exam hall, sitting for the very last paper of this semester, and unable to answer the questions completely. God knows how to establish a good speaker-audience-topic relationship, and strategies for getting your audience's attention. Go nude, that should perk your audience up. It sure as hell will establish good relationship with them.

Oh move to eleven o' clock already. It is bad enough I had to endure these whole two hours scouring my mind of information I thought it retained when I studied. Okay, review:

Section C


Why do they type question one as Q1 anyway? It should just be 1. Q1 just screams "incompetent".

Q1 (a) Name TWO(2) types of human communication.

Pfft. Easy. Vocal and non-vocal. Er wait. Didn't Section B Q3 state something about "nonverbal"? Er, pass.

Q1 (b) Triangle of meaning. Easy.

Q1 (c) Five levels of communication? What? Oh that should start with Speaker, then Message, Listener, Feedback, Environment, Noise, and something else. Wait, that's seven. Damn. Pass.

Q2 The listening process. Pass

Q3. Oh forget it.

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