Friday, 13 February 2009

Experience: Part 2

Yes, so far so good. I have absolutely nothing to do.

I have opened some some websites, to make it look like I am currently up to date with news and current affairs, while actually, what I'm really doing is stoning. One of my co-workers come into my office. Shit, okay all systems go. I open up the window containing those articles. It's at The article is about President Barrack Obama. "Obama's winning ugly, but he's winning".

My co-worker smiles at me, and slowly makes his way to my desk. Ugh, doesn't he have some international business dealing to do? He takes a look at my screen, and is surprised to see me reading an article on Obama. Well that'll show them that I am indeed not childish.

"'Obama's winning ugly, but he's winning'," he reads. "Yeah, as long as we can stabilise the economy and come out of a recession, we're happy. Right?"

"Of course," I reply through my teeth. I daren't comment any longer in case he asks me for my opinion on the matter. I know nothing about how to "stabilise the economy and come out of a recession". God, maybe I should read some of those articles.

I can hear them talking about business outside my office. Good, let's keep it that way. Stay away from me, and I can do a good job. It's nearly ten-thirty in the morning. I just have to make it until two, and then I'm home free.

You know what I was told this morning? "From now on, you are going to come to the office to learn...." The operative phrase there was "from now on" and it got me worried. "From now on" ?? I am so not coming here next holiday! Never!

But you know, seeing how smoothly things are going now, I just might decide to come back here. I mean, I was made to think that I will be doing heavy-duty stuff like, oh I dunno, stuff they do at the office. I didn't know I'd get to laze around and do nothing. This is the life. And I'm being paid as well!

Shit, someone's coming! Oh he's just passing the office. Phew! God, I'm too scared to go outside my office, in case they decide to give me work.

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