Friday, 13 February 2009


Day one in the office. I arrived at quarter after nine, it took us about half an hour to reach here. Usually my dad leaves home at about nine-thirty, meaning he would reach office at ten. God knows why we left early today. I was hoping we'd leave at nine-thirty. Late to arrive, early to leave. That's my motto. Well, it's my new motto anyways.

Well, at least I have a room all to myself! Yep, I'm sitting on a nice big swiveling chair, with my laptop open in front of me. I decide to make myself something to drink. Just as I get up and think no way am I drinking coffee (I hate coffee), I trip. I immediately gather my bearings and turn into a standing position, like as if nothing happened. How embarrassing.

I open to door to the pantry and look around for something to drink. Hmm, maybe I'll drink some coffee after all. Where's the sugar? The ultimate ingredient to a hot drink. I look around the counter, scanning for anything that looks like sugar. Damn, no sugar. What are these people, diabetics? The closest thing I come to something sweet is a bottle of soap on the sink. Where is the bloody sugar?

Then I notice a small jar next to the water dispenser. Ah, right. I open it. Brown sugar. At least it's something. I look at the shelp above. Hmm, tea or coffee. I'll go for tea. I take a teabag and put it into a mug, place the mug under the water dispenser and pour myself some hot water. Okay, soak up little teabag.

Thirty seconds later I have a cup of tea in my hands. I take a teaspoon of tea and taste it. Blewk! Too bland. Maybe I should have soaked the teabag longer. I throw the bland tea into the sink and make myself another cup, this time using two teabags. God, its only nine-thirthy in the morning and already I've lost these people three teabags.

I sit back at my table and have nothing to do. Why the ruddy hell am I here if I'm not given anything to do? Well this is good. I configure my connection settings for the wireless connection in the office and sit back and drink my tea. You know, I could get used to this.

What could possibly ruin my day now?

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