Friday, 20 February 2009


"Sorry I'm late," I apologize as I see Kesha coming towards me from Carls Jr. Isn't she supposed to be buying us tickets for Slumdog Millionaire at eleven thirty? It's now, eleven twenty. What the hell?

"Sorry, I was having my breakfast!" she says when I enquire about the so-called problem. I humbly offer to get the tickets, though the thought of a succulent Carls Jr burger in my mouth for breakfast is tempting. Okay, what I will do is, I'll get the tickets, and rush over here and get a burger. In ten minutes. Sure. Plenty of time.

Okay so I don't have much time. Even as the empty queue gives me faster access to the ticket booths, I do not have time to wait for a burger, at Carls Jr no less. I decide to settle for a hotdog at the concession stand. We get our stuff and head in for the movie.

That movie Okay I got bored, but all-in-all, it was nice. Except for the part where they were going to kiss, the ambience was sooo fetching, with beautiful music playing, and the flashbacks, and the looks on their faces... Exciting it was, till the bloody scene was cut.

What is this world (or should I say country) coming too? Astro, censoring words like "shenanigan" and kissing scenes cut from movies. I mean, come on! You can't stop little kids from knowing about kissing, it's a natural instinct. Besides, they'll definitely be beyond kissing by the age of twelve, if you know what I mean. It's just pointless to censor every little action that you think will psychologically affect the mind of a youngster. Trust me, their little feeble minds are uncouth as it is. Die, censorship board, die.

As we walk around Mid Valley, we talk about stuff. Okay so we mainly blab about crap and just laugh ourselves crazy since there is nothing to catch up on. We've been in contact quite often so yes, nothing new.

Lunch at Sushi Zenmai was an illuminating experience though.

"Can I have some ioewhovfnoejnfiohit?" Kesha says. Okay I don't know what she asked. It sounded like a load of that anyway. The waitress is looking at me now. Shit, what do I do? I can't act like I don't know what I'm doing, now can I? I've obviously come in here with the sole purpose of drowning myself in Japanese cuisine, so I should have at least a small understanding of what it is. I'm paying for the damn meal, god damn it.

"Yes, give me that too," I reply with poise. Yes I do sound professional don't I? I later find out that "ioewhovfnoejnfiohit" is actually green tea. Thank goodness it's not eel's blood or anything. I wouldn't put anything past Asian cuisine, to be frank.

Kesha, sipping 'ioewhovfnoejnfiohit'.

Kesha orders and is done with it by the time I look up from the menu. What in the world? Where did she find those dishes? I didn't see any of that in the menu. Okay stay calm. Oh shit, the waitress is looking right at me now, eyebrows raised, inquiring my order.

"Yes, that sounds good. I'll have that too," I smile and reply. "Thank you."

The first thing the waitress puts on the table is a plate of sushi, called Rolled Caterpillar Sushi. I gape at the plate. Those sushis have green stuff on them. Oh. My. God. Are those what I think they are? Are they serious? Are they fucking serious? Cater-...oh they're just avocadoes.

The waitress comes back later and puts a bowl of what looks like Maggi Mee in soup, with a couple of shish kebabs. Isn't this a Japanese restaurant?

I then find out that what's on those sticks. Scallops, squid, chicken, and of all things, eel. I ask you, eel? That brought me back to a bus ride to college where I watched an episode of Ho Chak. That girl bought a deep fried snake-on-a-stick. Bloody hell, she was chewing that cobra's head with much relish, I can tell you that. And, oh God now I'm going to be chewing eel. Why didn't we go to Itallianies, why?!

Thank God for the squid and chicken. The scallops were, ugh. The eels, I don't want to talk about them. But they did taste like fish. Ugh!

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