Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'm on the way home from college. Did you know that I ride a bike? Now you do. You know, it's illuminating, all the stuff you see when riding a bike. It is a greater experience then driving a car. Your spatial vision is limited when driving a car, but not for bikes. No sir-ee.

Firstly, roadkill is more obvious. You get to see exactly what part of their anatomy has burst open and all the blood and shit. Once, when I was riding home at night, I saw this cat playing on the street. It was twisting and turning and I thought it was cute. Then I came closer to it, and as i was passing I realised it was actually dying. It was as if the cat was having a fit. It's head was out of proportion and its body was...Well you get the idea. So in total, I've seen dead cats, dead birds, dead dogs, dead rats, dead men...Yes, that was due to a car accident. What an experience, eh? Aint' nothing like it.

Another thing is traffic jams. Boy, does a motorcycle come in handy during a traffic jam. I tell you, looking at the faces of the car drivers in a traffic jam while you squirm you way through the sea of cars is priceless. Okay I've never looked at their faces, but I'm sure they hate me enough already for being able to get through a traffic jam. Ha-ha.

Have you heard of this right-of-way bullshit? You know, when you come to a turning, and the cars on the main road are given allowance to pass through, instead of waiting for us (the shlobs) to tun into our respective roads. That is the right-of-way. I don't buy this bullcrap. Why can't those drivers on the main road give the shlobs way? Why do we have to build up a jam on our minor road and inconvenience the others when the guys on the main road can just give us way for a few minutes and then be on their merry journey?

I shall never find the answer. As I ride on the road, I notice cars do not stop for others, waiting for them to turn into the main road. No, the cars on the main road always go, not being considerate for the cars who want to turn into the main road. If I was driving, I would give others way so that they don't have such a sucky time. Yes, I would do that. It's called karma, what goes around, comes around. I'm sure someone will do the same for me another day.

As I'm on the way home, I notice one lady trying to get onto the freeway. Shit, she's gonna block me if she get's onto the road. I go faster and pass her before she manages to come out. Sorry lady, the right-of-way.

Hey, I'm not driving a car yet, am i?

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