Thursday, 12 February 2009


Oh hell. Hell, oh hell, oh hell.


Here I am sitting in my room, minding my own business, enjoying the nothingness I am able to mull in during my holiday, when I'm called downstairs.

"Yes?" I say, without preamble.

"What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Well, at 3pm I have my practice session till about 7pm," I reply.

"So you have nothing on in the morning?"

"No," I say, not anticipating the consequence of my "No".

"Okay, so you are coming to the office tomorrow morning. It's time you learnt some work"

"Oh, okay then"

WHAT? NO! Don't bloody take me to the bloody office! I don't want to go!

You know, as a eighteen-year-old, I expect to be able to make my own choices. That is to say, I expect to be given the privilege to decide whether or not I want to work, (and if i do, then where I plan to work), or whether or not I want to lazy around. I do NOT expect to be told not to tutor some kid because I "should be enjoying my holidays" by "working at the office" because then I will "learn something". It is just infuriating.

When I, on the other hand, thought of suggesting I start work next week, am gobsmacked with this news, I have absolutely no intention of working there any longer. After being told to come in to office tomorrow, I tried to explain: "You know, I thought of starting next week, you know it being a new week and all. Besides I still have to clear my notes and stuff from the previous semester."

And what do I get? Silence. Nothing. Nada. How do I reply to that? Well, I don't.

I can't say I haven't expected this anyway. I knew this was coming, but I did not think it would come as soon as the end of the week. Two Weeks Notice, much?

Screw life. Screw destiny. Screw family businesses.

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Jie Juan said...

Well, real freedom exists when you're 21 I guess. :S