Sunday, 22 February 2009

Out Again

It's five in the evening and I am walking around Mid Valley, looking for Chilli's. Well, I'm not late; apparently I'm early because everyone else is late.

I arrive at five on the dot, and look around the entrance of the South Court for Adrian, whom I thought would be here by now. I decide to just walk around, instead of waiting around looking like a complete nonentity.

We are supposed to eat at Chilli's so I decide to get a head start on finding it since I've no idea where it is. Not surprisingly, I don't find it. I mean, I walk everywhere on the lower ground floor of Mid Valley and The Gardens, and still don't find it. I later find out that I passed it when entering Mid Valley from The Gardens. Yes, I miss stuff at the corner of my eye at times. Then again, I am pretty good at noticing stuff out of the corner of my eye. What the hell.

Anyway, Adrian arrives forty minutes later, and Sze Ye not long after that. Holy hell. Sze Ye is not very different, except that she's less boisterous than before. Well, growing up does that to people I guess. She said I had not changed at all. I'd feel good about it, had it not been for the fact that I was a stupid lil jerk when I was young. Anyway, she doesn't hate me, so that's okay then.

Okay I know I said we were supposed to go to Chilli's, which we do later, but that was supposed to be for like a dessert-and-drinks session. Anyway, we stand outside Sushi Zenmai (!), a Taiwanese restaurant, an Indian restaurant, the food court, and above Italiannies. We take a whole ten minutes deciding where to eat, because Sze Ye has practically eaten at most of the shops at The Gardens except the Food Court (go figure). In the end, we decide on Italiannies.

Have you had lunch with no drinks? Imagine stuffing yourself full of cheese infested food and not being able to gulp it all down with a cooling drink of juice or something. Not that I minded not drinking anything in Italiannies, really. I just haven't done that before.

The best thing was of course sitting at Chilli's and drinking bottomless drinks for only nine bucks! I drank like three litres of juice, and you know, it's actually pretty cheap. Take for example, if you buy a three litre bottle of Coke, it would be bucks. No you see, I drank three different drinks so it's like two bucks for each drink if you buy it in a bottle. So that's six bucks. Compare that to what I paid for my bottomless drinks it's know what. Never mind.

So we decide to go for a movie later on, quite on whim actually. We actually planned to hop to San Francisco for a taste of the nachos over there, as if the nachos in Chilli's weren't enough. Yes, restaurant hopping was on a whim as well. Maybe normalcy really isn't our style?

How true that statement is, I can't tell you. We hang out at the supermarket downstairs after that. A supermarket, I ask you. You see, I have to get something for home from the supermarket, it's a last minute thing. So they graciously teman me to Carrefour to buy flour, of all things. But the trip wasn't in vain, because Sze Ye get's a good look at some water bottles and buys some preserved guavas. So yea.

A movie is the last thing on our whim-based agenda. I have no comment on Valkyrie. It was like watching The Other Boleyn Girl, no feeling. Blah.

After the movie Adrian gives me ride home. This was the highlight of the night, as we end up on some highway leading to Pahang or some shit like that. Luckily we spot the exit to the SMART tunnel, and take it the moment it comes up. We were like wtf, wth, and shit like that, totally stoned-like at midnight in Kuala Lumpur.

"What the fuck? Where the hell are we?" he says.

"Yay, we're going to Pahang," he adds as I laugh hysterically.

He drops me off at the LRT station and I manage to ride myself home without fainting. Those drinks were starting to take their toll on me.

Chilli's Grapeade and Apple juices are heaven. <3

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