Saturday, 14 February 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

I have to admit, my hearing is a tad off. I'm not nearly deaf, but just mistake some stuff I hear sometimes. Take for example the time when my co-worker entered my office.

"My friend, have you seen my porn?"

His what? He's forty odd years old for god's sake! Why is he talking to me about porn! Oh my god, he keeps porn in the office? I knew he was a little askew in the head, but porn in the office! My god, I wonder if the boss knows about this.

"Er, what?" I ask cautiously, in case he's pulling my leg or something. He does that at times.

"My porn back there. You didn't see it?"

Back where? In the next office? There's porn in the next office? No wonder the door to the office is always closed! Wow, he has his own secret stash hidden eh? Hmm what do I say, what do I say? God, I'm only eighteen for god's sake, I cannot be having a conversation with him about porn!

"Er, porn?" I raise my eyebrows a little, making it look as if I don't understand what he's saying. Which is true, to a certain extent.

"You didn't see it? Just in front of the entrance, where the plants are, there are a few fishes in it."

"Oh your POND!" I say loudly. Can't he like, speak clearly so that I can understand him better? Seriously, theres a difference between saying "pond" as "pon" and "ponD". A huge difference.

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