Sunday, 8 March 2009


Shit, I'm early.

I stroll around Kinokuniya, looking for a book, as I wait for eight o' clock. It is six thirty. Shit.

Well of course I did not intentionally arrive early at KLCC. It was raining, so I could not travel by myself, so my parents sent me, and since they were going out early, I had to go out early as well. So here I am, wandering not-so-aimlessly, waiting for Adrian.

Kinokuniya is the only place in KLCC where I can hang out. I mean, seriously, you can't expect me to wander around the food court, or Isetan, and all the other over-prices shops, can you? I'm not that hungry, and shopping is not an option. Okay so I may be just a little peckish right now, but I can wait for popcorn later. Besides, eating alone is just so unbecoming.

I pick up a few books and look around for anything more interesting. I need to buy only one book, so it needs to be the one. Not just any old book. I want value for my money. As I pass the Humour section, my eyes dart to a familiar name.

Nick Hornby. Did I tell you that I recently bought a book by Nick Hornby. The title was Slam and it was sort of good. Yes, quite good. Since then I have been eager to get other books written by him. I mean, his style is quite different. He writes in the first person, and is usually sort of talking to the reader, which I find is very favourable.

Anyway, I decide to buy that book, and by the time I'm done paying Adrian texts me. So we meet by eight twenty and queue up at the concession stand. We get the popcorn and go in.

Three hours later we emerge from the theatre and I can't help but exclaim how good the movie was. I mean, I thought it would suck, seriously. The trailer was not at all illuminating, just three minutes of pointless gibberish. And I never understood the poster taglines and all that. But bloody hell, the movie was good. I make a point to tell John Son how good it is.

One thing I couldn't handle, and Adrian agreed with me - well actually I agreed with him, but who cares - was that Dr Manhattan's lines were overly philosophical. I didn't register a thing he said when he started talking about the world and lives and nonsense like that. I was more focused on the beginning and the end of his speeches. Nothing else did I process. However, one thing he said was quite thought provoking and...well, let's just say it rocked.

"The existence of life is a highly overrated phenomenon"

I have to say, I strongly agree with this statement. I can't wait to go back to college and use this quote in another debate about testing products on animals. People will stare at me in awe and admit defeat by the time I'm done with my speech, and... Oh wait.

Life in the quote also refers to animals. Shit. Okay scratch that thought. But it's still a nice quote though.

Another quote from my favourite character Rorschach:

"The world will look up and shout 'Save us!'... And I'll whisper 'No.'"

Don't mind his vile-ness, he's just bitter. Haha.

Watchmen is awesome!

You see what I mean about the taglines being senseless? That line has nothing to do with the story.

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