Wednesday, 11 March 2009


What is it about class starting at ten in the morning that just makes me really late? I mean ten-thirthy is acceptable, even nine is okay, but ten is hard. If class is at ten-thirthy I can be in the station by nine, which is just nice, because that's the time the trains become empty. If class is at eight or nine I'm at the station by six-thirty, also acceptable as the trains are not packed. Anytime between six-thirthy and nine, and I have no hope of ever gettin on board.

Understand my predicament? Well you see when class starts at ten I have to be in the station by eight-thirthy, meaning the trains are packed, meaning I can't get on the train, meaning I'm late. Hence, class at ten equals tardiness.

So when I get on the train I make my way to the end of the train, where there usually is space to lean against the housing of the control panels. Unsurprisingly there is already someone standing there. She's dressed in this funny army jacket and pants, which reminds me of - well nothing actually. Anyway...

So she's standing in the middle of the panel housing, which gives me no room to lean on. So what I do is I carefully slide my lean ol' self between her and the side of the panel, hoping she would take notice of my presence and scoot over a little.

But she doesn't. What is she, blind? I'm stuck between her and another passanger who's sitting down, being careful not to bump into either one of them. If only she can move just a little I'd be a bit more free to adjust my position. But she doesn't. Army bitch.

Oh God, woman move already! It's getting crampy and I can't move at all. This is getting uncomfortable. I have half a mind to push her to one side and take up the whole area for myself.

Just then the train stops at a station and a man gets up from his seat to get out. I notice another woman in a blue dress pushing her way through the crowd opposite the man's seat, no doubt trying to take his seat. What is her problem? There are at least five people who need that seat more than her, me for one so I can push that Army bitch on to it and have my place to lean on.

But that doesn't stop lil ol' Blue bitch from pushing her way through the passengers to get to the seat. In fact she even holds the railings in such a way that no one is able to move toward the seat. And then when the man has gotten out, she finally sits her fat ass down on the seat with a triumphant look on her face. Her eyes twinkle behind those specs and her wide lips are pursed giving that accomplished look that people have when they get their way.

And the worst thing is she gets off three stations later! I mean I can understand if she wants to sit because she has a long way to go, but to sit for a journey of three minutes is just asinine. Blue bitch.

By the time Blue bitch get's off, Army bitch is still at my side. Oh piss off! How can be so ignorant? I dont want to get a lasting hip injury. Bloody bitch with her bloody Army clothing and bloody un-moving attidude.

When the train reaches Pasar Seni, Amry bitch finally gets out. Goodbye bitch. Be seein' ya'. Not. *rolls eyes*

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