Sunday, 22 March 2009


Jian tagged me. Same as the one I've done before.

a) Type down 25 random facts about yourself.
b) Tag 2 friends of yours.

1. I help people just for the fun of it.
2. I have the innate ability to be racist, even to my own kind.
3. I read chick-lits when I'm bored.
4. I love writing stories. I never find the time to do it though.
5. I've stalked someone before, just for the fun of it. Mind you, he was just a random stranger.
6. I can be so lazy, so much so that I can screw up my entire life.
7. I hate being mistreated.
8. I love being praised.
9. I want so many things, but too lazy to get em.
10. I have a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE fear of snakes.
11. No matter how much I try, I cannot understand my money. It disappears as fast as it appears. I can't keep track of it; what am I, Suze Orman?
12. I like unconventional activites/pastimes.
13. I hate as easily as I like. It's not you, my judgement is just clouded. My closest friend happens to be the person I detested the very first time I met him/her.
14. I care too much about what other people think.
15. Sleep is one of my vices.
16. I disappoint many people, and for those that I have, I'm really sorry. :(
17. I am a very very complicated person. Seriously.
18. I am very creative, it's just that nobody thinks my ideas are. Screw that.
19. I'm very blur at times. Example: Vasanth is in my group for the Management Presentation. Today I asked him "So, when is your group presenting?" even though I gave him my thumb drive to put the powerpoint presentation into ten minutes ago.
20. I am very funny sometimes, but very lame at other times.
21. I have to admit, I'm not very intelligent. :(
22. I like blogging, but I'm very lazy.
23. I can't think of two more random things about myself.

Sze Ye and Jie Juan, consider yourselves tagged. :) I know, Sze Ye, you've done this before. Bare with me :)

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