Thursday, 19 March 2009


I was told that we're going out for dinner. I have changed and am waiting to leave. I had a long day today, what with it being the first day of my third semester and all. From eight to four in the evening, we listened and participated in lectures and then tutorials as well. It was fun; I'm beginning to feel better about my third semester. The coursework for English for Communication is Drama and Webpage Design is, I mean, looks fun. Exciting day, all-in-all...

...until I get into the car.

Okay let me say first how devastated I am that I did not do so well in my second semester. Let me explain. First we have Physics, a subject I have never been able to excel in. Seriously. Look I like studying it, just spare me the exams. I can't answer shit. Then we have Chemistry, Organic no less. I need not explain the amount of memorizing we need to do. Public Speaking is a theory based, and keywords are of the essence to pass the exams, and Programming requires you to be able to use codes to...oh just take my word for how hard it is okay?

Okay, so now that I've cleared that up, let me say that I got a C for Physics. That's my worst result. So far. So yeah. So how come I tell this to the people who are most likely to get upset? Needless to say I received a great load of telling off. All you people who are reading this, you people are to blame for the so called decline in my studies. Just so you know.

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