Monday, 9 March 2009


Eight o' clock in the morning. The last thing anyone wants to do on a Monday morning is to go for class at eight o' clock. As I trudge into the downstairs corridor, towards PA 004, I wonder if this I what it's going to be like for the next seven weeks.

I enter class and take a seat. This semester, things are going to be different. With the absence of another one of our class' members, and only with three subjects, and only seven weeks. Yep, this semester's going to breeze by quickly just like that.

But when my new lecturer enters class I start having second thoughts about how long this semester's going to be. There's no need to say that I anticipate many many boring lectures ahead. It's not that I hate her, it's just do I say this nicely? Er...she's boring? Lifeless? Unable to create a fun environment in her class? And she actually promises us a fun time during lectures. Oh God.

However, since the class is about Communication, we are able to talk alot. After class she gives us a topic to discuss about. Something about whether or not couples should live together before marriage.

Matthew, Alex, I-Jing, and that guy from TD1 whose name is can't remember right now. Omg

Later on is Webpage Design lecture. Well I'll just let the pictures do the talking shall I?

Alex isn't really sleeping. He's drawing. But then again, potato potahto.

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