Monday, 11 July 2011

The latest update on my awesome life

I'm dying from the workload. I have an assignment due in two weeks. I'm supposed to have submitted my part of the assignment...last Thursday. But I somehow managed to extend it to tonight. The thing is I really couldn't afford to focus on that when I had an online test that was due on Friday. And I sorta forgot to do the assignment. Hehe. But luckily our awesome group leader Kok Kin told us to submit it to him during the weekend. Which I didn't because I had the Survival Models test this morning. So the whole weekend I spent studying for Survival Models. I only studied Chapter 1 and 2 what the hell. It took me so long to understand the whole thing. The test covered Chapters One through Four. So yeah. But the test wasn't so bad. If I'd been sure of what I'd been doing during the test then I'd probably have been able to do averagely. But yeah we'll see what happens.


Yeah the test I was supposed to do on Friday right? Well an inconvenient (but I can't complain really) thing happened. The test was closing at 11.55pm. I logged in at 10.50pm. Hoping to have an hour to complete the quiz, I logged in and saw the timer give me under five minutes to finish. Shu logged in a little later and got about three minutes. LOL. The timer was screwed up. It was an hour faster than the actual time. So Shu and I just watched the timer count down together (on the phone) second by second, until it reached zero hour and closed the quiz. So we immediately emailed Dr Yong so he'd know. Which brings me to my next point.

Dr Yong reset the quiz for us. It's due tomorrow. So. Let's recap. I have an assignment due for submission to my group leader tonight, last week's Loss Models online test due tomorrow, Portfolio Management Mid Term on Thursday evening, this week's Loss Models online test due Thursday night, and Loss Models Test 1 on Friday morning. FML anyone? There's plenty going around UTAR Actuarial Science students' lives.

Meanwhile we have people like Joanna (whom I have to say I miss terribly because the lack of her presence and unique swagger has caused somewhat of a void in my life at uni) who get to laze around and FB at work. =.=


Lil Miss Sarcasm said...

I know. I feel your pain and I'm only taking 4 bloody subjects. But then again FE probably counts as 2 subjects. But hey at least he reset the test. Not that it's any comfort at all but its...not any comfort at all la.

Unknown said...

Well I'm happy I won't be getting zero la. Haha. I think I'll do that and this week's test tonight so that I don't have to worry about it on Thursday. But if I do it tonight then it won't stay long enough in my memory to last me till the test on Friday so in that sense Thursday is the best time to do it. If the timing's screwed up then I dunno la.

JOanna said...

YAY i'm in your blog post!!!! XD

JOanna said...

YAY i'm in your blog post!!!! XD