Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm gonna blog about my life now zomg

Today was quite an awesome day. My mood has been considerably lifted.

First thing in the morning I had class. Ahhhhhh you know, sangeetham class in the morning really makes your day go so well. When I woke up this morning I think i stretched the wrong way or something (I don't really know how these things happen) but my back suddenly started aching. It was aching up until the time I went for class. When I sat down and started singing, mysteriously and miraculously the pain disappeared. This just shows. It shows. That music tames the savage muscle.

I learned this awesomely fabulous song I've been waiting to learn for sooooo long: Shobillu Sabthaswara by Tyagaraja. It's a fucking awesome song I tell you.

This is the best version I can find. I was so excited to learn this song last time. I waited for months and months for my teacher to teach me and my group this song. Then the moment I left the group (long story) my teacher decided to teach them the song. Arghhhh. That made me depressed. So yeah.

Anyhow my teacher's taught me the song. Actually part of it, but who cares. I'm learning Shobillu Sabthaswara. Muahahahah.

After class I headed straight to uni for class. I felt so studious today because I actually attended Loss Models tutorial and Risk Management lecture. Loss Models tutorial was so good because I finally figured out how to use the darned calculator and I have pretty much a good idea of what's gonna come out for the Mid-Term so whoop-tee-dee for me.

Risk Management was Risk Management. With William Sue being all likeable. I decided that I'm gonna give him a good review in the student survey this semester. Who knew that he'd actually try to change his ways? I know, I couldn't imagine myself saying this too. But I am.

So after that I headed to TBR to have tea with Ellana and Muthu. Muthu's Ellana's brother. So it need not be said how entertained I was watching them communicate. I told them that even though everyone says how un-alike they are, they actually look pretty alike to me. But then again that might be because I already know they're related. My senses weird me out sometimes.

Speaking of the bloody place, TBR had a facelift today MUAHA-FUCKIN-HAHA. The fugly place finally got cleared. A clean up crew (must be DBKL, SWAT, Impossible Mission Force, or even the Men in Black for all I know; God knows the place's cleanliness is on DEFCON 1) was sent to tear down all the stalls. Nothing was spared, neither trees, pavement, nor cement structure (ESPECIALLY cement structure). I think it's safe to say that TBR has been successfully neutralised. I can eat in peace now. Qades must be sad now. He enjoyed his occasional found-in-TBR-only side dish of drain sludge.

Such a wonderful day don't you think? Most of my prayers were answered today. But that wasn't a good thing per se. Because when I went for tuition with this unbearable student whom I always curse, she fell down the stairs and broke her front tooth. I feel so bad for me. I'm so sad. I hate pain, whether or not it's inflicted on me or others. Believe it or not, I may hate anyone to death, but when they are hurt badly I can't take it and immediately feel sorry for them. I'm such a nice guy la.

Oh well. Then I came home and made dinner and cleaned up and all that. I'm quite tired. I'd like to rest. But I have Loss Models and Portfolio Management Mid Terms next week. And I have to do the Loss Models online test by this Friday. And I need to prepare my part for the Portfolio Assignment. Sigh, will work never cease?

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