Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An epiphany

I must be doing this whole studying thing wrongly. I just had an epiphany. Thank you Facebook for your news feed.

I noticed a comment made by one of the brainiacs in my batch. Apparently during the break in a two-hour lecture, one should study what the lecturer will be covering in the remaining part of the lecture.

This was news to me.

It still is. I'm reeling from the shock of it.

Who knew? I always spent my breaks eating, sleeping, wasting away, talking, and at best reviewing what was taught in the first hour of the lecture. Actually I don't think I've ever done that. Who knew that this small, tiny, minute act during the five minute break represents the very reason that there exists a vast ocean of knowledge and understanding between the brainiacs and me. This might be the answer to all my prayers. This might be the key to grasping all that I've either been unable to grasp or...well...been unable to grasp.

I can see it now. I will be one of them some day. All it takes is five minutes. Five little itty bitty minutes of glancing at the notes during the break to see what's going to be taught next.

Well that and the humongous load of studying that I need to do late into the night. The number of hours I need to put in. The amount of sleep I'd have to give up. The life I'd have to let go of. The number of lunches I'd have to skip to do tutorials.

Oh god that does it. I can't give up food. No siree. Sorry big leagues, I'm too small for ya.

As if I had any chance.


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