Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The God's honest truth

I'm tired. And that's the God's honest truth, as Mrs Naugatuck from the television series Maude would say. I honestly don't have enough energy to sit and study throughout the night. I'm so tired.

Guess who screwed up his second chance at the Online Exercise he didn't manage to do last week? Me. Oh and the other guy's Shu. He and I both screwed it up. According to him, and I agree, it's not actually our fault, so to speak. Because right, the lecturer didn't post up the password we needed to log into the quiz. But to be fair if we hadn't attempted the quiz at the last minute (for the second time) we'd have been able to notify the lecturer. Shu said Dr Yong sounded angry when he called Dr Yong to explain our little situation. Aiks.

Anyway, tomorrow's the mock cheque presensentation ceremony for the Actuary Today event and the emcee for the ceremony is none other than yours truly. I can only say this. Thank the good lord that Mr David's tutorial classes end at 6 and therefore the test will only start at 6 and the event ends at like 1. So I do have time to study.

Ah but then. I have the do the fourth online test. And study for Loss Models. And prepare for the event. And this weekend I have to spend studying for Risk Management next Tuesday. Speaking of the dreaded subject...

Mr William Sue was very...interesting in class today. He kept asking me questions. And at one point he sorta knew I wasn't paying attention and he was very nice about it. But then he asked me for details regarding the test and I didn't know so he deduced that I didn't attend his lecture yesterday. Which is true. I'd have defended myself and said that I did attend but he knew my name what the hell. He said somebody signed for me. Or maybe he thinks I'm some other indian guy. Who the hell knows. But he was very nice. I'm definitely giving him a good review in the survey this semester.


Oh god. Maybe he saw my Welcome to Hellmouth post. Oh my god.

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Lil Miss Sarcasm said...

As much as people love to see their name in print, I don't think William Sue pays attention to his students' Facebook pages Larry :)