Thursday, 21 July 2011

Flash Forward is a dumb show that should have been cancelled the moment the script was finalised

I was just looking through the videos I have on my computer and I can't believe I still have Flash Forward, that piece of crap, rotting away in My Videos.

You know what a piece of crap Flash Forward is? Let me show you.


The first episode was kind of good actually. I was really intrigued with the idea that the whole world blacked out for about two minutes and saw what they thought was their future.

Also the part where they checked the security camera in that stadium where everyone was blacked out BUT THIS ONE GUY WHO WAS JUST WALKING AROUND. Like woaaaaaah! I shriveled at that part. Zomg orgasmic.

The first episode ended with them looking at the computer screen saying "Who the hell is that? An why are they awake?" TEN-TEN-TEN-TENNNNNN!

There's nothing like a good conspiracy theory. They suspected that he was involved in the planning of the black out. Yes they started assuming the possibility of an arranged operation in the works.

Anyway, as the show proceeded into the later episodes the plot thickened.

Dead birds. Oooh creepy.

I stepped into my "Oh-give-me-a-break" mode then and there itself. But I thought that I shouldn't be so quick to judge. There's bound to be an explanation and a consequence to that part. There was.

Big tall structure in the middle of Somalia. Thousands of birds flocking towards it and all drop dead.


It all went downhill from there. I couldn't take the show seriously anymore.

Episode four was quite good though. Aside from the fact that Dimitri took the entire team on a wild goose chase to god knows where and found nothing but some dude carrying drugs. That would have been a valuable plot for, I dunno, Law and Order maybe? But let's forget the fact that episode four was probably made to stall the audience from focusing on the real plot of the story because the Mosaic team accomplished nothing but wastage of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money. Look at me, talking like an American. What the hell, I'm straying from my point. Now I'm talking like a Malaysian lawyer. Whooooop. Lol.

Anyway I was saying why episode four was so good. Because of Bryce and Olivia's latest case, a man who survived a bus crash and felt no stress response. So kool. Like something off Grey's Anatomy or or ER or something. But that's all.

Ooh the introduction of a new character, Alda Hertzog. That was unforseen. I mean. They practically nabbed a pedestrian and starting asking her "What do you know about the black out?" Dumbasses. Alda, the bitch, told them "You're wasting your energy on what caused the black out, who's responsible. You're ignoring the most profound question of all: Why?"


And then she started blurting out these Sufi parables. Who the fuck was this lady? WHY was the black out caused it seems. More questions.

At this point I nearly gave up watching this dumb show. And I was only in episode four.

And then that motherfucker with the bloody British accent (who had a vision that he slept with Olivia, which he eventually did because the both of them decided that they couldn't fight "Fate") had to get a call from that guy from the LOTR movies saying that they were responsible for the black out.


This pretty much went out till the end of the series where, honestly speaking, bias aside, no questions were answered.

- The viewers found out about a double agent working in Mosaic.

- The double agent had a contact who made it look like there was something really huge going down (of course she had to, the creators of the show might have been grasping at straws for anything that would keep audeince viewing) that she, the double agent couldn't know about because she wasn't high level yet.

- Then they were attacked by Chinese dudes who came out of nowhere.

- The double agent was actually a triple agent. Yow-za.

And there was another black out.

I am NOT kidding.

And the show got cancelled. Go figure.

And then Joseph Fiennes had the gall to say they were going somewhere with the show its just that it was taking just a little while to unravel. Yeah right. They probably didn't even know where they were going with it.

Such a dumb show.

Oh well at least there's pie.

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